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Wednesday Pinsday – Oct 31

Rosa Clara Katie Cassidy Photography Hiram Trillo Photography Jessica D'Onofrio Photography Alexandre Birnan

In honor of Halloween, we’ve found a collection of dark details for all your haunting desires. Dress your maids in classic black flowing gowns with lace detailing for a chic and gothic feel. Accessorize yourself with black and silver pumps and vintage black jewels. Lighting is important in pulling off an eerie yet romantic feel. Use dark purple back lighting and ghostly chandeliers. A black cake is a shocking detail that’s both chic and dramatic! Happy Halloween pinners!


Photo Credit (top left to bottom right): Rosa Clará | Each and Every Detail, We + You, Beyond, BBJ, Jessica D’Onofrio Photography | Aleandre Birman, Stanley Korshak | Layered Bake Shop, Hitched Events, Bows and Arrows, Period Charms Rentals, Katie Cassidy Photography | Tami Winn Events, Beyond, Hiram Trillo Photography.