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Gift Brides of North Texas Magazine this Holiday Season!

With the holidays officially upon us, we’re all dreaming of hot chocolates, warm fires and indulging in tons of tasty seasonal treats, but no doubt, we’ve also all sprung into shopping mode! If you’re anything like us, you’re already perusing the internet and catalogs to find the perfect holiday gifts for your friends and family and perhaps there’s a bride


Holiday Gift Ideas from Local Vendors

This holiday season we’re bringing you the perfect gifts for the bride, future groom or newlyweds in your life! From glassware to sweet treats and even custom monogram goodies, we’ve got you covered. Check out each of these hand-picked items and find out where you can purchase these lovely goods! Brocade High Ball Glasses from Domain XCIV Acrylic Monogram Purse from Cleggraphy


9 Valentine Gift Ideas from Local North Texas Vendors

We are just days away from the most love-filled holiday of the year! If you haven’t found the perfect Valentine gift for your sweetie, check out these fun finds from our local North Texas vendors! Perfect for a friend, family member or fiancé, we’re sharing classic gifts like flowers and sweets and non-traditional heart-inspired ideas like an art print or