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photo | Amy Herfurth Photography


First off, my now husband was introduced to me by my grandfather. They both worked in the same building and met on a elevator. To make it an even smaller world, my grandparents were in the same bible study as Scott’s parents when they lived in Dallas many years ago. My grandfather totally set me up and gave Scott my number a few months after initially meeting him. Scott called me and set up our first date at Sushi Zushi where we spent three hours getting to know each other. I texted my family after the date saying, “I’m in love!”

Scott proposed at our favorite restaurant, Yao Fuzi. My ring was actually inside a soup dumpling! After Scott proposed, our families and closest friends entered the restaurant, and after we celebrated at my parents house! It was the best night.

Scott and I just recently got married in October 2018. NOW THAT was the best night.