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photo | Katie Ruther Photography


I am originally from Minnesota, went to Baylor, where I met my boyfriend, and then moved to the wonderful city of Dallas for my career. My brothers followed me to Baylor so my parents finally decided to also move down south – to Frisco! In their new house, they have a big fireplace that was looking sparse. My mother casually told me that she would like our immediate family to do family photos at the Arboretum so she could hang a family portrait above the fireplace. I told my boyfriend I’d be busy Saturday morning with my family but that I wanted to hang out afterwards. (Little did I know, this was my finances idea!) I got to the Arboretum with family, met the photographer, and we started walking through the garden searching for a good spot to take photos. All of a sudden I looked to my left and saw Austin standing at the bottom of the Sunken Garden’s steps. I did a double take and then said, “Is that Austin?” I knew what was about to happen and was so excited, I started running down the steps. Austin asked me to spend the rest of our lives together when I got to the bottom. It was incredible. Then his entire family from California surprised me from behind some trees. It was so wonderful having both of our families together for such a special day! We went on to have a celebration at my parents’ new Texas house with all of our friends and family! www.austinandalex.com