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Alexis + Paul


photo | Megan Kay Photography


Paul and I met my junior year of college at Oklahoma State University. My roommate and I went out to dinner one night and bumped into a group of guys that she knew. Paul introduced himself to me, and I was instantly charmed by his wit and sense of humor. He was so handsome, warm, intelligent and made me laugh. There was something different about him than anyone else I had ever met, and I was so drawn to his charm. We ran into each other a few more times at OSU football games, and every time we left each other, I couldn’t wait until the next time we would see each other again. Eventually he gained the courage to ask for my phone number and study dates turned into real dates, and the rest is history!

Fast forward almost five years. Paul and I made plans to go see my younger sister, Natalie, at OSU for the weekend. We had planned to have lunch with Natalie at The Rancher’s Club, a restaurant on OSU’s campus. Paul drove us over to the campus, and we walked around, making our way to the restaurant. He says he was really nervous, but he did not show it at all. I really had no idea that anything was up and was just enjoying getting to take a walk with him on such a beautiful day. As we walked in front of the library, Paul started to talk about how much this campus meant to him because it was where we met and started our lives together. I still had no idea he was going to propose and just thought he was being really sweet and sentimental. He suddenly grabbed my hand and got down on one knee. Neither of us remember what he said – we both kind of blacked out – but I do remember him asking, “Will you marry me?” I said yes of course and didn’t even give him a chance to stand before I started hugging him.

I heard squealing coming from the bushes beside us and saw that Natalie and Paul’s brother Travis, were hiding in the bushes taking pictures of the proposal. I was so happy that they were there for that special moment. We headed back to Natalie’s house and to my surprise were greeted by our families and a bunch of our friends. It meant so much to me that Paul had invited everyone up to share the special day with us. It was the happiest day of my life, knowing that I was going to spend forever with Paul and getting to celebrate with people I love.