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Ana + Michael

Photos: Leah Thomason Photography


Ana + Michael

Proposal at the Family Ranch

Michael told me that he was going to be out of town the next weekend helping his dad build a deck on his parents’ new house. I talked to my mom that week, and she convinced me that since Michael would be out of town, that I should go with her and my dad to our ranch in the Hill Country for the weekend. My parents spend every weekend at our ranch, so this was nothing out of the ordinary. My mom and I drove down to our ranch that Friday night, and the next morning she was RUSHING me to get out the door to go into town with her. There was a Lavender Festival in town that weekend, and she said we needed to hurry and get a parking spot. After a few hours at the festival, we headed back to the ranch. When we got back, we immediately drove up to the cliff that overlooks our entire property. You can see for miles and miles, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. We have a cross up there, and it is my favorite place on the whole property. When we got up top, Michael pops out of the trees, leads me to the cross, and gets on one knee. I was completely shocked, even though we had been dating for four years and I knew it had to be coming soon! Both of our parents were there to celebrate, and it was so special to us. We took our engagement pictures at the ranch, and we go up to the cross every time we are there to relive that moment.