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Lindsey + Addison

Photos: Lyndi Ruth Photography


Lindsey + Addison

Thompson Hotel Rooftop Proposal

Our story began on July 18th, 2020, when Addison’s sister Instagram messaged me to see if I was single and would be interested in her brother. While I didn’t personally know her, I knew she married my brother’s high school best friend and that my family spoke highly of the Rodriguezes. So I said, why not? After a few calls and texts back and forth, we went on our blind dinner date and hit it off.

After date #2, I knew Addison was someone I saw a future with. He was smart, thoughtful, passionate and most importantly, loved Jesus. He thoughtfully pursued me every day and always went out of his way to make me feel valued. On September 18th, Addison and I made our way to the Thompson Hotel for what I thought was a double date with my brother and his now fiancé. We walked up to the rooftop for a drink before dinner, and there were “Marry Me” marquee letters with balloons everywhere. Just our luck, the sign ended up falling as Addison got down on his knee. While some may say the proposal was ruined, all Addison and I could do was laugh together, smile and celebrate as we knew our love was far stronger than some block letters on the side of a building. We knew this would be the greatest story to tell our family one day.

We can not wait to start the rest of our lives together as husband and wife on August 27, 2022. While Addison’s sister may have been the one who sent the message on Instagram and Addison pursued me each and every day after, we are so fortunate that God has written and orchestrated our love story to be greater than we ever could have imagined.