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Ask the Expert: Q&A with North Texas Wedding Planner Alexa Kay Events

Just thinking about your upcoming wedding day can be overwhelming – much less, making sure the plans and designs come to life seamlessly. Enter: Alexa Kay Events. DFW wedding planner believes your wedding day should be the best possible reflection of you two as a couple, and one that’s worth investing your time, heart and resources! She’s there to be a partner in that process, working behind the scenes and in the background so you can focus on the things that matter most. We were so thrilled to sit down with Alexa and get her insight on wedding planning: her favorite thing about wedding planning, the main goals she tries to keep in mind and the ONE piece of advice she loves to pass along to her couples. Scroll down to read!

q&a with north texas wedding planner alexa kay events

Photo // Chelsea Kaye Photography

What is your favorite aspect of wedding planning?

My favorite part of being a wedding planner is the actual wedding day. Witnessing each couple’s dreams and visions come together on their special day, surrounded by their family and friends, will never ever get old for me. Every time I see the bride and groom smile or laugh throughout the day is just another reminder to me about why I love this job so much. So for me, nothing beats the day of, where I get to watch a bride and groom celebrate the beginning of their new life together.

What is the one piece of advice you always pass on to couples?

A good friend of my husband’s gave us this advice the day before our wedding. He told us to take five minutes to sit by ourselves and just watch. To slow down, hold hands, look around at your family and friends all there to celebrate you and just soak it all in. My husband and I did this on our wedding day and it turned out to be the most memorable thing we did. A wedding day FLIES by, and without stopping to enjoy it and lock in those memories, the magnitude of it all could easily be missed. So, to each and every one of my brides, I tell them to do just that: grab your brand new husband and take five minutes to be still and soak it all up.

Do you gravitate toward bright or neutral palettes?

For my clients, this completely depends on the bride. It is her day and whatever she wants, goes. I believe that this also depends on the personality of the bride and vibe of the wedding.

What is your main goal when planning a wedding?

My main goal is the couple’s ultimate happiness and satisfaction. Above all else, I want those two people at the end of the day to look back and say, “We did everything we wanted to do that day, and we had the time of our lives!” So many little activities, details, and moments can be lost in a wedding that is rushed, poorly managed or not well-thought-out. So for me, to ensure the couple gets all their desires met, having a very strong plan A, as well as a plan B, C and D is of utmost importance. After all, this is their one wedding day, so the main goal for me is to make it the best day of their lives.

Aside from a wedding planner, which vendors do you consider most important?

I definitely think venue, floral and photo are my top three picks when it comes to wedding day vendor decisions.

alexa kay events wedding planner

Special thanks to Alexa for being an open book with us and sharing some of her best insight! If you’d like to inquire with Alexa Kay Events, reach out directly via her Brides of North Texas vendor profile here!