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Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

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The number of couples who choose to work with a wedding planner has increased by 13% over the last decade, and there are now more than 20,000 planners in the United States. If you find yourself asking “Do I need a wedding planner?”, the answer is a resounding “YES!”. We’re sharing everything you need to know when considering hiring a wedding planner (and, our recs for the top wedding planners in North Texas).


Wedding Planner Packages

Although specific offerings differ from planner to planner, these are the three most common types of wedding planning packages:


Day-of wedding coordinators are on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. This might be the right choice if you already know the vendor team you want to use and feel comfortable handling the logistics leading up to your big day. Although many venues include a coordinator, often that individual is focused on the venue itself and unable to help with things like procession order and letting you know when to cut the cake. Day-of wedding coordinators will keep everything on schedule and be available should any surprises arise!

Partial Planning

A partial planning package usually means that your wedding planner becomes involved closer to your wedding day to help with final details and day-of-coordination. Think of partial planning as the “in-between” option when day-of coordination isn’t enough but full-service planning isn’t needed. Partial wedding planner packages often come with a set number of meetings or specific hours. Be sure to communicate your expectations to your wedding planner to make sure partial planning is the right package for you!

Full-Service Planning

Full-service planning is the top-tier package offered by most wedding planners. Your planner will guide you throughout the planning process, attend vendor meetings, handle vendor communication and logistics, and more. If you’re unsure of what you want, or know exactly what you want but don’t have the time to make it happen, a full-service planner may be right for you!

Other Wedding Planning Packages

Other popular types of planning packages include destination wedding planning, month-of planning, á la carte services, and design & styling services.

Wedding Planner Cost

Many factors go into the cost of a wedding planner, and packages vary from planner to planner. Factors include the type of package you’re considering, the size and complexity of the wedding, and the location of your wedding. Day-of coordination is often the most cost-effective type of package. Full-service wedding planning packages (also known as all-inclusive planning) cost more because of the additional benefits and services offered.

Wedding Planner Benefits

The benefits of hiring a wedding planner are endless, and will erase any question of “should I hire a wedding planner?”. Because wedding planners work closely with vendors in all categories, they often have recommendations of who to use to create your dream wedding. They can help you allocate your budget, create timelines to keep everyone on schedule, and remove a lot of the stress that comes with planning a wedding.

Weddings have a lot of moving parts, and from the early stages of planning to the final details before the big day, your planner will help you navigate the wedding planning process smoothly!

Top Wedding Planners in North Texas

With over 20,000 wedding planners in the US, and hundreds of those located in the DFW area alone, it can be daunting to find the perfect one to be your partner. Choosing a planner who understands your vision and can bring it to life even better than you dreamed is essential! Explore our favorite local North Texas wedding planners here.