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Bridal Beauty Spotlight – Dallas Wedding Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo

When the big day finally arrives, every bride wants to look her best! We’re teaming up with local beauty experts to get the inside scoop on all things bridal beauty. We recently sat down with makeup artist Wendy Zerrudo to get her expert advice. Check out her helpful tips below and stay tuned to the blog as we share more beauty tips from local experts!

What beauty product should every bride have with her at all times? The bride should always have some blotting sheets / rice paper to control oil and to touch up any little imperfections that the camera can pick up. It is also so compact that it fits in any clutch and is accessible anywhere.

How can a bride keep her mascara from streaking or smudging on the big day — especially if she can’t contain the waterworks?
My all time “must” have for all brides is waterproof mascara. It will not smudge and stays on all day and night – even with the waterworks that we all expect.

What’s the best way to conceal a last-minute breakout? To conceal those last-minute breakouts, I use a medium base coverage concealer. I apply it with a concealer brush over the foundation. Make sure it is close to your skin color and dab over the area and blend lightly until it is covered; then, seal with a pressed powder or blot powder. 

How can a bride help her make-up stay put for the entire event? This is all depends on the choice of makeup application. If you use airbrushing, then your makeup will need very little to no touching up the entire night. If you decide on traditional makeup, then it is necessary to use a primer before your foundation and a setting powder to seal the finished look.

What’s your favorite shade of lipstick? I love MAC products and I have so many favorite shades, but I always go back to Brave and Viva Glam V. I can change lip liners and create different looks — it’s that easy.
What beauty trends are you noticing for the fall? The fall trend is all about working with soft and neutral tones. A pop of deep rouge color on the lips. The smokey eye never goes out of style, but it’s used this season with color (greens, blues, browns). The futuristic eyeliner is combined with a plum or neutral lip color. Overall the look is clean and simple, not too heavy.  

Any other helpful beauty tips for brides on their big day? As stressful as it gets, always remember to drink plenty of water especially as you get closer to the wedding day and add some lemon wedges if you prefer. The lemon can help to detoxify and reduce puffiness. H20 will help your skin replenish and give you a healthy glow.  Another tip is getting a facial a week before the wedding day. Even if you have minimal time, squeeze in a mini facial (25 minutes) to remove dead skin cells and leave your skin soft and glowing. Happy Wedding Day!!