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Bridal Buzz | Specialty Wedding Vendors for Your North Texas Wedding

Just as found in our brand new Spring/Summer 2022 issue, these specialty wedding vendors offer some seriously unique services for North Texas couples looking to take their wedding day up a notch. From sweet treats to rad fireworks displays, custom coffee drinks for your guests and a lively DJ to host your wedding like a TV show, these five bridal vendors are killing the game. Get the scoop on what has industry insiders and couples alike raving about these local companies and why they top our list for wedding must-haves! Read on to learn more about these specialty vendors and how they can take your wedding to the next level.


Bridal Buzz | The Scoop on Must-Have Specialty Wedding Vendors

cotton candy favors


The Buzz About: Cotton Candy

Girls Who Twirl Cotton Candy

The saying goes: There is no better way to bring people together than with desserts – and that is exactly what Girls Who Twirl Cotton Candy strives to do! Determined to build a business that would be set apart from the rest, owner Venetta took her passion for sweets and added a little *extra* touch, just like her. The result is a not-your-average cotton candy vendor who provides healthier organic, gluten-free and certified vegan cane sugar versions of cotton candy, on top of a unique experience that you or your guests won’t soon forget after your big day!


Tell us about your company and the inspiration behind it! I am an event planner. I started Girls Who Twirl Cotton Candy after working with a Quinceanera client who wanted cotton candy but was not able to find a reputable vendor. That was in October 2019, and I began researching cotton candy businesses in the DFW area to see what they offer and then focused on building a business model that would set us apart. I found a supplier out of Hawaii that offered organic, gluten-free and certified vegan cane sugar. I met with a carpenter who helped me design a cotton candy cart that was a little extra, like me. People often ask me how I came up with the name “Girls Who Twirl Cotton Candy”, I have two girls and I am also a huge advocate of women-owned businesses. We had our first event in June of 2020 and it was a drive-by birthday party. We went on to book 11 more events between June and December of 2020.


What services do you offer? We offer live twirling at events as well as air-popped, gluten-free popcorn.


What is something you’d love our audience to know about your company? Girls Who Twirl Cotton Candy is not your average cotton candy vendor. Not only do we provide you with a healthier version of cotton candy but we also focus on providing our clients with an experience they won’t soon forget. We want them and their guests to remember GWTCC.  


Do you offer taste testing beforehand? We do offer 5 samples at no additional charge.


Do you offer customizable details for your couples? We allow our clients to customize their packages with custom labels, glow-in-the-dark wands, and cart decor.


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Bridal Buzz | The Scoop on Must-Have Specialty Wedding Vendors

dallas wedding smoke machine


The Buzz About: Wedding Ring Leader

DJ Adam Morgan

When you hire DJ Adam Morgan to be your wedding entertainment vendor, you get SO much more than just an MC and DJ – you get your own personal Ryan Seacrest for the evening! Nothing means more to Adam than bringing pure joy to you and your guests on your wedding day by creating the most epic dance parties and a unique experience that will leave your guests wanting to stay all night. You bring the guests and Adam brings his expertise in music mixing and crowd reading to make sure everyone has the night of a lifetime!


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Tierra a Taza coffee

dallas mobile coffee cart


The Buzz About: Coffee on Wheels

Tierra A Taza Coffee Cart

Give your event an extra shot of something special by booking Tierra A Taza Coffee Cart for your and your guests to enjoy! Jennifer and her team at Tierra A Taza Coffee bring the coffee shop experience right to your wedding, offering one-of-a-kind, authentic Mexican flavors you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Every drink, from their signature lattes that reflect the rich cultural diversity of Mexico to their Aguas Frescas to their non-coffee options, is created using fresh, quality ingredients. We know you’ll love this vendor a latte – they truly have an option for everyone on your guest list!


Tell us about your company – why did you start? The inspiration behind it? Tierra a Taza started off with a passion to gain as much knowledge about coffee but quickly grew into an idea of combining our love of Mexican flavors with our passion for coffee. Growing up in a Mexican household, coffee always played a big role in our lifestyle. We ate breakfast accompanied with a cup of coffee and ended the day with Mexican sweet bread accompanied by a cup of coffee. With our business, we strive to share our love of coffee as our customers create memories of their wedding day with a TAT latte in hand.


What services do you offer? We offer a variety of customizable coffee cart packages. With our coffee cart setup, we are able to bring the coffee shop experience to any wedding, event, or party. We have traditional espresso-based drinks such as Cappuccinos, Cortados, and Americanos and offer Mexican-inspired latte options such as Horchata Latte, Mexican Vanilla Bean Latte, and Mexican Hot Chocolate Latte. We offer customization of cups and cart facade signs for a personalized coffee shop experience.


What is something you’d love our audience to know about your company? All of our signature lattes are named to be a reflection of the rich cultural diversity of Mexico. La Reina (Horchata Latte) is the recipe that began it all for us! La Horchata is a cinnamon/rice agua fresca that is an extremely popular drink which is why we named it La Reina (The Queen). We set out on a mission to make the best Horchata Latte we could develop. Our Horchata milk base takes 24hrs to make and is made the traditional way of steeping rice, cinnamon, milk, and other ingredients to create a complex drink. Making our Horchata milk base is a labor of love and we would not have it any other way. Similarly, we have created several other syrup flavors that are used with our other latte options. As a company, we strive to create coffee drinks that are made using fresh and good-quality ingredients.


Do you offer taste testing beforehand? Yes! We want every customer that books us to be confident in our products and services. We are happy to book tastings to assist in selecting your perfect latte options.


Do you offer customizable details for your couples? With most of our packages, we include non-coffee options such as hot chocolate, assorted teas, and chai lattes. With our premium packages, we include Aguas Frescas such as Cucumber-Lemonade, Jamaica (Hibiscus), and Horchata. The Aguas Frescas options are a popular choice and are made using fresh ingredients. We may be a Coffee Cart but we have a wide variety of options for non-coffee drinkers as well!


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dallas live saxophone player


The Buzz About: Live Saxophone

Marquise Productions, LLC

Why choose between a live performance or a DJ at your wedding reception when you can have both? That’s right, Marquise Productions, LLC offers the best of both worlds when it comes to wedding entertainment! With options including a live saxophone performance or DJ and MC services, Marquise Jones is THE go-to for it all. Committed to delivering excellence and a world-class experience in a fun way, Marquise jazzes up any style of wedding with his expert skill in any and all genres of music.


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dallas fireworks vendor


The Buzz About: Wedding Fireworks


What started out as small fireworks shows for friends and family quickly sparked into so much more for PrestoTechnics! It’s easy to say you won’t find a more dedicated group of fireworks-loving professionals than these, who will stop at nothing to make sure you have the most magical event. Intentionally built to ensure your display is as unique as you, the PrestoTechnics team prides itself on curating an entirely customizable experience to fit perfectly into your wedding. Ask them about doing a surprise display for your guests at the end of the reception or having a drone light show!


Tell us about your company and the inspiration behind it! We at PrestoTechnics are first and foremost a group of people who love fireworks and everything about them. Well before we got the opportunity to do this professionally, we used to put on shows for our friends and families because it was something that we enjoyed and wanted to share with others. At the heart of this company, we are just a group of people who are fortunate enough to get to do what we love every day. Somewhere along the line, we noticed that there was a gap in the pyrotechnic industry that we found surprising. There are a lot of companies that exist to put on displays for the 4th of July or other large-scale events and then offer weddings on the side as a secondary source of income to supplement the time between these big events. And while that ultimately works, it bothered us that weddings were getting treated to less thoughtful displays simply because the event is considered smaller-scale. So we started PrestoTechnics with the exact opposite mentality and instead chose to make weddings our primary focus. Our goal is to make sure that every couple gets exactly what they are looking for in a show from design and price to customer service. Couples already have so much going on during the wedding planning process and we strive to make our services as easy and customer-friendly as we possibly can. Because at the end of the day, we personally think that your wedding is a much more exciting thing to celebrate!


What services do you offer? PrestoTechnics currently offers the following: Fireworks, Spark Fountains, Cold Spark Fountains, Neon Signs, Marquee Letters, Drone Lights shows (through our partner Sky Elements Drones), and Snow Machines.


What is something you’d love our audience to know about your company? At PrestoTechnics our goal is to make your event magical. We know that weddings are one of the most important days in a couple’s lives together and we believe that every show, no matter how big or small it is, should make a lasting impression. It’s why we do what we do and why we are so focused on the details. We want it to be perfect every time because that is what we would want at our own wedding and we want nothing less for you!


What goes into creating a fireworks display at a wedding? Honestly, a fair bit, but it’s our job to worry about that—not yours! Our process is designed to be as easy and painless for you as possible, so we make sure we handle as many of the details as we can so that you don’t have to! Our first step is always to connect with the couple to get a sense of your vision and budget because those two things are incredibly important for us to get right. Once we have some of that framework in place, our design team gets to work designing and customizing a show with your desired color selection, song choice, and show length. We always take extra time with the details to ensure that the show has a good pace with a high-impact finale and also stays inside the restrictions of certain locations. From there we take care of any permitting and work with the appropriate people to make sure that any local restrictions are considered so there are not any unpleasant surprises at the last minute. On the day of the show, we get to your event early to make sure that we have plenty of time for setup and immediately connect with our day-of contact for display show time and any audio needs. We always send at least two experienced staff members to each of our shows so that we can ensure the highest level of safety and quality for your display. From there it’s showtime! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy!


Do you offer customizable details for your couples? Absolutely! We intentionally built this company to be entirely customizable so that we can fit perfectly into your event, no matter what it is. Our goal is to always meet every need and expectation our customers have and we try to go above and beyond to make sure that each and every event is given the care and attention to detail that it needs to make it truly spectacular.


When is your favorite time to do a display at a wedding? When do you recommend one? Most commonly we do wedding fireworks as part of an exit. It’s a great time to pull everyone together and share in one more final moment as a group before the event is over. Recently, we have noticed that the new trend is doing surprise displays, which has been fun for us. Whether the surprise is for the guests or is a family member surprising the bride and groom, both lead to some truly magical moments and some great photo opportunities!


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Find more specialty wedding vendors for your Dallas/Fort Worth wedding in our vendor directory. Happy planning!

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