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Style School | How to Make Your Wedding Personal

The world of wedding trends is ever-changing, and we’ve seen firsthand how nothing (not even a global pandemic) can slow that down! With trends changing so quickly, it can be hard to stay in the loop with what’s trending now versus what will soon fall out of style. While having a trendy wedding is all the rage, what will the trends you choose say about your wedding design down the road? Knowing when to choose timeless over trendy pieces while also staying true to your own style can pose a huge challenge, but that’s where expert advice from professionals like Jessica Deltoro Weddings comes in! For this lesson in our Style School editorial, we’re talking all things on how to personalize your wedding in a tasteful way to create a day you’ll always look back on and love. Scroll to learn more about Jessica Deltoro Weddings and some of her favorite ways to make it personal with wedding elements and trends of 2022. Cheers!


style school


How can couples pull inspiration from to create customized and personal details?

When it comes to personalizing your wedding, you can pull inspiration from literally anywhere! Pinterest or wedding blogs can be beneficial in getting your creativity flowing, but you can also look at your day-to-day life. Think about what passions the two of you share together. Inspiration can come from your hobbies, a favorite hit TV show you enjoy watching together, or even menu items from your favorite restaurant. If your first date or proposal took place somewhere iconic, think of ways you can add a subtle nod to that special moment at your wedding. I had a bride whose fiancé proposed to her in Dallas, they had beautiful proposal photos with the world-famous Dallas skyline as their backdrop. The photos were displayed around their guest book, which was a wooden cutout of the Dallas skyline that they now have hanging up in their home. Guests’ books are a fun way of personalizing your wedding day. Guest books don’t have to be a traditional book, they can be a photo album, an art piece, or a city skyline!


style school

how to make your wedding personal


What tips do you have for couples who are unsure what personal touches to incorporate?

If you are unsure of what personal touches to incorporate, look into family traditions. Old family wedding photos or relatives can give you some great insights. Maybe you want to replicate your parents’ wedding cake, like Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. I recently worked with a couple who used a cake serving set passed down 3 generations. The wedding date of each couple was engraved on the serving set. 


style school

style school


Share a few of your favorite personal touches that you’ve incorporated into weddings in the past.

I have seen so many fun personal touches. As a dog lover, of course, I am a fan of signature cocktails named after the couple’s pets; plus, bonus points if you include custom caricature portraits of them. Large marquee light-up letters are always a hit, and they can serve as a photo op or a backdrop to your dance floor. You may have been to a wedding where the groom and his groomsmen are wearing custom bowties. A past couple of mine took that to the next level! The groom was born in Indonesia and a friend of the family that still lived there sent them gorgeous fabric that was made using a technique called batik, which originated in Indonesia. The family decided to make custom bow ties out of this fabric as a way of recognizing and including the groom’s family. This particular couple also gave their parents custom embroidered and engraved gifts. The bride gave her father a beautiful handkerchief with a custom message embroidered onto it. Another recent couple of mine had a soft spot in their hearts for St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Instead of menu cards, they used Thank You cards that let guests know the couple had made a donation in the guests’ honor instead of wedding favors. That same couple also used a backdrop behind their champagne wall with their last name and a digital monogram light above their head table.


style school

how to make your wedding personal


What are your tips on creating a one-of-a-kind monogram?

Monograms are a classic and easy way to personalize your wedding. You can add a monogram to anything from your invitations to dinner napkins. When creating your monogram, you will want to consider a few things. For example, the font you choose for your monogram will speak a lot about your wedding aesthetic. A bold text might give your monogram a modern look, whereas a thin cursive text would give a more romantic look. Next, consider adding illustrations to your monograms, such as scrolls or other designs. You will also see this in family crests, which is another excellent way to personalize your wedding or even special wedding day items such as your champagne flutes or stir sticks. Lastly, consider what color you want for your monogram. You can choose a color from your color palette or an accent color such as gold or silver.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Jessica Deltoro of Jessica Deltoro Weddings for sharing her design insight on incorporating top wedding trends into your big day! Visit their Brides of North Texas vendor profile here to see all the incredible planning services this team offers for your celebration. For more style school lessons, head to @bridesofnorthtx on Instagram!