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How to Celebrate a Corona Bride

This season has looked different for everyone, but corona brides have been dealt a deck of cards that they would’ve never imagined when dreaming about the wedding planning process. After having to change the date of their wedding or limit the number of guests allowed to attend the big day due to COVID, the last thing a corona bride needs to worry about is how she will be celebrated before her big day. Balancing celebrations with safety precautions is a new challenge, but can be handled through inventive ideas.

How to Celebrate a Corona Bride

Photo // Catie Ann Photography

Safety first

When helping coordinate an event for a corona bride, It’s important to reach out to her and first ask what she is comfortable with as far as size and activities go. If she has a preference for holding a virtual event over an in-person one be sure to support her as she makes those difficult decisions.

Virtual Celebrations

A virtual event such as a bridal shower is a great way to gather the couple’s loved ones from around the world that might not be able to attend an in-person event. The best way to manage an online bridal shower is by creating a planned event on a video conference server and sending the link out to the couple’s friends and family. Virtual showers allow the opportunity for everyone to gather and make the engaged couple feel special. One idea to make the event special would be to change everyone’s virtual background to a picture of them and the corona bride. Everyone could share the story behind the photo they chose and what made it a special memory.

In-Person Celebrations

If an in-person event is desired, the coordinator of the bridal shower could set up time slots to ensure smaller gathering sizes. Using a free sign-up service, the couple can choose how long they want each time slot to be and how many shifts they might need. The sign-up will also allow the couple to limit the number of people signing up for each slot to ensure the gathering remains on the smaller side. This method allows for easy social distancing practice and more guests to be able to come and celebrate throughout the day. One way to take the stress off the couple is by offering to set up the event for the couple so they don’t feel the need to stress about the sign-ups. Remind the couple that this experience will yield a more intimate experience and allow them to spend more time with each guest individually.

Find an Appropriate Venue

One of the best resources to take advantage of during this pandemic is backyards. If the couple has a large amount of family and friends, having an outdoor celebration is a creative way to allow for a socially distanced gathering. Be sure to figure out how many guests plan on attending so that a corona bride doesn’t have to worry about safety concerns.

Arrange Food

Having custom-made treats arranged for an engagement shower or other events is an intentional way to have the corona bride feel special. Individually-wrapped cookies with monograms or meaningful symbols are an extra sweet way to show the couple some love. These individual desserts from Batch Bakery are the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth safely. Another idea for some safe snacks is to have individual charcuterie cups filled with meats, cheeses and crackers.

Pick Activities

When planning a virtual gathering for a corona bride, focus on picking games that everyone can participate in virtually, such as guess the dress where everyone can draw or google photos of which wedding dress they believe the corona bride might have picked. An alternate idea would be a movie night either in person or virtually through Netflix Party, where everyone can watch from their own homes. Whether in person or online, one event that anyone can participate in is a story time about the bride. Whether you prefer sharing funny memories or favorite qualities, spending time focused on the bride will put the focus back on her and off of any stressful circumstances.

Navigating wedding planning during a global pandemic is a far cry from any girl’s dream, but with supportive friends and family by her side, any corona bride will be able to move through into a new season of life feeling celebrated and well-loved.

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