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Dapper Dallas Arboretum Engagement Session from Jacque Manaugh Photography

Take a scroll through this dapper Dallas Arboretum engagement session from Jacque Manaugh Photography! Jacque captured many sides of Rory and Martese’s relationship, from playful and laughter-filled to serious and romantic. The trellises and stately columns of the arboretum gardens were the perfect backdrop to showcase their love as the sun set over White Rock Lake in Dallas. Read more below to find out how this special couple met and the sweet way Martese proposed!

Photos // Jacque Manaugh Photography

How they met and became engaged: “Martese worked for a local non-profit organization here in the Dallas area. Part of his job was to do community outreach and networking. One evening while doing community outreach, Martese met Rory. The two had great conversation and exchanged numbers, that following Sunday they hung out all day and became close. Martese proposed May 22, 2017, during his birthday brunch celebrating his 31st birthday. The brunch was full of family and friends, all of whom Rory and Martese love. The proposal was a complete surprise to Rory. Midway through the brunch, Martese made an announcement about how happy he was that everyone had joined and how important each one of them were. He then played a video on the projector that showcased photos of he and Rory. Throughout the video, Martese described his love for Rory and how he had grown through the love and support from Rory. When the video ended, Martese got down on one knee and simply asked, ‘Will you marry me?’ After the shock wore off, Rory said ‘Yes!'”

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