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Haley + Zach

Photos: Emily Chappell Photography


Haley + Zach

 It Was Always You


Zach and I have known each other since 2010. We were on the same cross country team in high school and went to the same church. We were friends, but never really hung out much. Did we date? No.

Following high school, we both ended up at the University of Arkansas. As an architecture student and an art student, we were both pretty sequestered in our own studios. We would occasionally see each other on campus, where we would wave and say a friendly hello. Did we date? Still no.

After graduation, we both returned to Dallas. Ironically, we found each other on a dating app in 2018, so we met up for a drink to catch up. Did we start dating? STILL no.

2020: Enter COVID. Zach and I both picked running back up since all the gyms were closed, and our high school hobby became the only socially-distanced way to exercise. We would see each other on the Dallas Katy Trail almost daily, and comment on each other’s Strava posts on Instagram (yeah… we’re *those* people). Zach was extremely encouraging and made me believe in my running career again. One night, we met up at Katy Trail Ice House for a drink and to watch the runners on the trail (instead of being them). After years of knowing him, this meet-up was the first time something inside me clicked. Why hadn’t we dated?!

A few weeks later, after a long year and a half of studying, I finally passed my architectural licensing exams. Zach took me out to dinner to celebrate my license, not calling it a date just in case it didn’t work out (haha!). We started hanging out more and more (enjoying all that free time without studying), and we became official in November 2020.

Between trips to new cities, evenings at the dog park, moving in together and trying every new restaurant that opens in Dallas, Zach and I have spent the last year and a half living our best lives. We never fail to make each other laugh, support each other during hard times, and pet our dog Cleo at all moments in between. It didn’t take long for me to know that he was the one.

On June 10th, 2022, we were headed to dinner at the Crescent to celebrate Zach’s birthday and his parents’ anniversary (they’re on the same day). Zach asked if I wanted to get to dinner a little early to walk around the courtyard and take nice photos since we were dressed up – something we like to do often, gotta keep the ‘gram looking good! When we walked into the courtyard, he immediately dropped to one knee and asked to spend the rest of our lives together. I fell to my knees as well, overcome with emotion. It was the easiest yes of my life. Our friends and family came out from their hiding spaces nearby and we were able to celebrate with our loved ones.

Since then, we have had the time of our lives planning our dream wedding this coming April (almost there!). We cannot wait to celebrate our love in the city we love so dearly, with the skyline as our backdrop. Between trips to the State Fair, running on the Katy Trail together and having date nights all over downtown, we adore our home in Dallas and the fact that it brought us together in love after over a decade of friendship.




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