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How to Choose the Perfect Playlist for your Wedding

Get your wedding guests on the dance floor! These tips from our social media strategist, Katie, will help you choose the perfect wedding playlist!

When curating your wedding playlist, there are so many special moments to take into account! From cocktail hour playlists, processional and recessional songs, and your first dance, having songs picked out that are special to you and your significant other will make the day even more meaningful and memorable!

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to make playlists then Spotify is for you! With options to make different playlists and folders, you can be stress-free and organized on your big day! Another way to personalize your music is to mirror it to your wedding theme. If your theme is cozy & intimate, going for more acoustic music vibes will pair with that theme beautifully! More than anything, you want the music to mean something special and reflect you and your partner’s personality!

Need inspiration for your wedding playlists? Head over to Wed Society on Spotify to see some of our specially curated and themed playlists! Happy playlist making!

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