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How to Curate Your Dream Wedding Vibe

No matter your style, it’s extremely important that you curate your wedding vibe to suit the distinctness of your day! When you spend that much time, energy, and money into planning a wedding, it should reflect who you and your partner are as a couple, above all, and be filled with details that are sentimental to you two. Having a wedding vibe in mind is helpful for everyone involved with your big day, giving a guideline of how they can help bring your vision to life. 


Most sources agree that you should determine your wedding vibe and establish a clear aesthetic before doing anything else…even booking any wedding vendors. This can prove helpful in narrowing down which professionals would be right for you and will get you one step closer to putting together your dream wedding. What do you want it to look like? What does your dream wedding sound like? What type of energy do you want your guests to experience? All these questions are key in curating your wedding vibe down to the detail, ensuring that your guests experience your event in exactly the way you intended and planned for months on end. To assist in the process, we compiled some unique local wedding vendors that can have the most impact on your wedding vibe. See below. Cheers!


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wedding vibe

Photo // Royal Dukes Band, Laken Mackenzie Photo, The Ostreum


dj adam morgan

Photo //  DJ Adam Morgan, Neville Wedding Stories


Lively Wedding Music

Knowing your crowd is a huge determinant in choosing wedding entertainment and what form of it might fit your affair best. We know professionals of all backgrounds so whether your wedding vibe calls for an on-site DJ, a jumping live band, or a beautiful blending of the two, there’s a wedding entertainment vendor for you. Reach out to DJ Adam Morgan, Marquis Pro, or Royal Dukes Band to get your crowd out of their chairs and onto the dance floor.


North Texas Wedding Musicians You’ll Want to Book



marquise pro wedding saxophone

Photo // Courtesy of Marquise Pro


Photo // Lindsay Knight Piano, Lexi Krug Photography


Tone-Setting Wedding Lighting

Wedding lighting is one of the biggest tone-setting details and can absolutely make or break your wedding vibe! DJ Adam Morgan, understands every assignment – colorful uplighting, intentional pinspotting of important details, lightbars and more. Keep things low and cozy or light and playful. The choice is truly yours!


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Photo // Moments Forever Photobooth


Photo // Revival Photo Camper, Esther Frederick Photography


wedding photo booth

Photo // courtesy of Lavish Photo Booth

Wedding Photo Booth for the Mems

Revival Photo Camper, Moments Forever Photobooth and Lavish Photo Booth provide perhaps one of the most entertaining ways to engage and share unforgettable moments with the people that matter most. Think snapping a selfie, but make it wedding luxe! Whether your guests want to print a photo right away, share it on social media, or engage in a virtual photo booth experience, these wedding photo booth pros truly have it all down to a science.


Wedding Photo Booth Rentals 101


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