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Before I Do

Lauren + Chad


photo | Jeff Brummett Visuals


For spring break Lauren and her mother went to visit her sister who was studying abroad in Dijon, France. They met her sister, Natalie, in London and then on St. Patrick’s day they headed to Paris. Her mom and Natalie said that they were going to eat dinner at the Eiffel Tower that night, so after they spent time getting dressed up, they headed towards the tower. As they were walking up to the tower, Natalie said she had a specific spot she wanted to take a picture at before dinner. While Lauren was a little confused about why they had to go to an “exact” spot to take a picture, she trusted her sister to always come up with the perfect photo location. Just as they were about to give up following Natalie around, she said “We found it!” They walked up to the bridge and stopped to take in the breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. All of a sudden, Lauren felt a familiar arm around her shoulder and turned around to see Chad in Paris!!! Before she could even wrap my mind around what was going on, he got done on one knee, said the sweetest words, and asked Lauren to marry him. She had never been so surprised in her life!