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Lindsey + Matthew

Photos: Emily Nicole Photo


Lindsey + Matthew

The Ultimate Vineyard Surprise


In the summer of 2022, Matthew and Lindsey embarked on a couple’s trip with friends to their favorite place to visit, Fredericksburg, Texas. They had spent both of their birthdays in Fredericksburg before, and it was also the first place that Matthew told Lindsey those three special words…”I love you.”

On the first day of their trip to Fredericksburg, Matthew, Lindsey, and three other close couple friends headed to brunch to kick off a full day of wine tastings. At their first stop, Williams Chris Vineyards, the group enjoyed a tasting followed by a private tour of the vineyard. But instead of a tour, Lindsey got the surprise of her life when Matthew took her by the hand and walked her to a pergola where roses and a bottle of champagne sat. Matthew got down on one knee and asked Lindsey to be his wife! As soon as she said “YES!” all of their family came running out from a room with a two-way mirror where they had been watching the entire proposal. As if this was not a surprise enough, after taking some engagement photos, the couple rode over to another part of the vineyard where even more friends and family from all across the U.S. were waiting to surprise Lindsey. It was truly the most magical day that Matthew puts months and months of work into planning every perfect detail.

Lindsey and Matthew cannot wait to celebrate their special day with their closest family and friends.





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