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photo | The Lockharts


A rooftop proposal

For some background, I was about a year out of college when Will and I first met. It was the 4th of July weekend, and my roommate and I went up to the rooftop of our apartment building to enjoy some drinks and watch some fireworks. Enter, Will and his friend. Will and I hit it off and have been together ever since. Fast forward to me progressing in my job which led me to move to DC and then LA, so we have been doing long distance for about three years.

So this particular weekend, I was visiting him in Dallas for his company’s annual party. While I was getting ready, Will mentioned that his co-worker’s car broke down and he needed a ride, so he asked if we could pick him up. I agreed to since I wasn’t in a rush, but asked him where his co-worker lived out of curiosity. Will said he wasn’t sure exactly where, but somewhere near the Katy Trail. As we got closer to the trail, I asked him what the address was. When he mentioned it, I exclaimed, “Oh! That’s the same apartment complex I used to live in!” He was very nonchalant about it so I just cracked it up to be a coincidence. As we were pulling up, he said his co-worker invited us up for some drinks beforehand, so Will chaotically parked and we headed towards the entrance. Since I’m familiar with the building, I was looking for his friend’s last name on the call box in order to buzz in, but Will just went around the front and entered the lobby. I told him that you have to get buzzed in in order for the elevator to work. He ignored me and found a maintenance man that he seemed weirdly familiar with. The nice man let us into the elevator and automatically hit “R” for rooftop. I thought, maybe we’re getting drinks up there? Or it’s something else?! We rode the elevator in complete silence as both our minds were racing. When the doors opened, I was greeted by rose petals that led to the spot where we first met and was surrounded by candles, pictures of us, and more roses. Will gave a sweet speech and popped the question. Some of our closest friends were hiding in the corner and brought out champagne for us after. We headed to the company party after where everyone was excited to congratulate us and partied the night away!