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Before I Do

Neeti + William


photo | Stephanie Brazzle Photography


Neeti grew up loving storybooks. She loved buying them with her allowance, opening them at Christmas, and when she became a teacher, she loved putting them all over my classroom. Neeti’s favorite book is, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss. It always inspired her to go above and beyond the comforts of her home. And, so she did, with her longterm boyfriend, William. They went to Peru, Thailand, Japan, Aruba, Amsterdam, you name it, they had probably gone there together. When William wanted a weekend getaway to Napa, it was nothing out of the ordinary. The first day they were there, they visited many vineyards and finally came back to a beautiful bed and breakfast. The b&b had a private vineyard which they strolled through, stumbling and laughing. William excused himself to go to the bathroom, but when he returned, he had something in his hand. He handed over a hardcover book called, “Oh, The Places We Have Been!” It was a beautiful book showcasing their 12 year relationship and all the places they had traveled together. When Neeti turned to the last page, there was a picture of a ring and when she looked up, William was down on one knee. He asked her to continue their adventures together and marry him and she said, “Yes!”