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North Texas Wedding Cake and Catering Trends of 2018

As we reach the end of this year and look forward to the next, we’re taking a look back at some of the hottest trends that swept the bridal industry, particularly as it pertains to wedding cuisine and culinary treats, in this 2018 roundup of North Texas wedding cake and catering trends! From the most contemporary affairs to those more in tune with tradition, these trends took shape in a multitude of ways all thanks to the creative culinary artists in the DFW area! Scroll on for more delicious delights and be sure to find check out more from these expert caterers and bakers under our vendors tab!

Fruits Fusions

For an extra dose of natural sweetness, we fully embraced the fruit-for-flavor and embellishment trend in 2018. From zesty citrus to sweet berries, we saw dozens of beautiful cakes and delicious looking bites with fruit as the focal point, and we’re hoping this trend rolls right into the new year too!

North Texas Wedding Cake and Catering Trends of 2018

HoneyLove CakeryDeven Ashley Photography | House of DIRT

XO Cakery | Stephanie Michelle Photography | Glitter and Glue Weddings

Gil’s Elegant Catering |  Andrea Elizabeth Photography | Vouv Dallas


Mini Bite Delights 

While most everyone enjoys an ample buffet spread or lively seated dinner, bite-sized dishes to take around the dance floor or even to the after party help keep the energy flowing throughout the night! Whether sweet or savory, we saw tons of fantastic uses of these single-bite style dishes that guests were sure to have gone back for second rounds!

Dandelion Cheesecakes | Alba Rose Photography | Out of the Garden | Top Tier Event Rentals + Staffing | Hidden Creek Events

Wolfgang Puck Catering | Joseph Mark Photography

Savor Patisserie | Top Tier Event Rentals + Staffing | A Stylish Soiree | Catie Ann Photography | Artspace111

Wendy Krispin Caterer


Garden-like Garnishes

When garden-grown enhancements make for both a beautiful AND delicious statement, we’re all in for a little earthy green addition! Fresh basil, mint and parsley took the cake (quite literally) this year, giving a new and tasty update to classic flavors and polished looks.

Fearings at the Ritz Carlton Dallas

Loft22 Cakes | Kate Pease Photography

Vestals Catering | Allen Tsai Photography