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Reagann + Chase

Photos: Julio Pulido Photography


Reagann + Chase

One Wild Night


Since the beginning of our relationship, we have made it our mission to visit as many zoos as we possibly could. Any city we visit, we find a zoo or aquarium. I loved feeding the giraffes and Chase made it a priority to make sure I got to do this at any zoo that we visited. On the day of the proposal, we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. I had already had a feeling that it would happen that day but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. We were looking at the Flamingos and I felt him tap my shoulder and I thought “this is it”. My heart began to beat really fast and as I slowly turned around, he was still standing just asking me to turn for a picture. We continued our zoo date until we started to get hungry and left. I was bummed that nothing happened but we made our way to Denton, which is where we met and kicked off our relationship. When we got downtown, he wasn’t quite ready to eat so we walked around the square reminiscing. We made our way to the very bench that we sat on during our first date. This is where we stayed all night talking about everything and after 20 minutes of nervous laughter, I managed to let him sneak in our first kiss. As we talked about the good old days he turned to me, smiled, and said “you’re gonna be mad at me”. I asked him why and as he grabbed my hand to pull me up off the bench, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring I picked with my mom, and asked me to be his daily source of sunshine for life!




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