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Romantic Garden Engagement Session by Courtney Hanson Photography

When it comes to announcing the sweet news of an engagement, there are few better backdrops than a bloom and foliage-filled setting as proven in this romantic garden engagement session by Courtney Hanson Photography! Choosing the Dallas Arboretum as their main photo location, the space’s variety in different types of gardens gave Elizabeth and Caleb with their all-star photographer plenty of creative opportunity for stunning photos! Elizabeth’s easy, natural glam look from Brittany Jones Hair + Makeup was the perfect choice for her sophisticated and stylish outfit choices. Their chemistry in front and behind camera is easy to see in this series of adorable shots – we especially love their finale photos dancing on a bridge framing the Dallas skyline. Such a special way to capture their love! Scroll down for their beautiful photo series and read more about their meet-cute story and upcoming wedding below!

Photos //  Courtney Hanson Photography

When a stroke of fate brought ICU nurse Elizabeth and pharmacist-in-residency Caleb to the same hospital, Elizabeth knew she was immediately smitten – despite not actually going on their first date until a few months later! Thankfully, a mutual friend of the two encouraged the connection and happily passed on the news of Elizabeth’s interest to an excited Caleb. For their first night out, the two quickly found themselves falling for the other over dinner at Terilli’s in Lower Greenville, continuing the night with drinks at HG Supply. From there, as they say it, the rest was history!

Fast forward to a chilly February weekend where the duo were enjoying a vacation to Portland. Having had previously discussed a desire for marriage, but in the somewhat distant future, Elizabeth had no inclination of what the weekend had in-store. Two days into exploring the city, she had entirely ruled out the possibility of a proposal for the weekend. But Caleb had other plans in mind! After a trip-concluding hike along the Oregon coast, Caleb chose the perfect spot overlook the ocean for a rest, where he affirmed his love for Elizabeth and asked for her to spend their forever together!

Nearing in on their wedding date, the two will marry on August 18 at the Chapel at Ana Villa with a reception following at the venue’s ballroom. Keeping with their romantic engagement theme, the wedding details are centered around a soft, whimsical garden feel with a color palette of navy, nudes, grey and mauve, featuring tons of garden roses and greenery. We can’t wait to see this big day come to life!

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