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Seasonal Blooms | Floral Stems + Pairings

Ever wonder what flowers are in season in spring? Fall? Whatever season you’re getting married in, it’s helpful to know exactly which blooms are available at that time. We’ve seen time and time again when a couple has their hearts set on peonies, but their wedding date is in the fall when these special stems aren’t available. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite seasonal flowers and polled some of our favorite local wedding florists on what other flowers and colors would best complement these seasonal blooms. Read on!

Seasonal Blooms | Floral Stems + Pairings

FALL FAVE: Cappuccino Garden Roses

Vella Nest Floral

What other colors of flowers do garden roses pair well with?

They pair well with bush, cream, burgundy, peach and greens.

What do you love about this bloom?

The lovely burgundy ombre’ in the petals!

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

This blooms is available all year.

What colors does the cappuccino garden rose come in?

Only in a dusty mauve.

Photo: Kate Pease Photography // Also pictured: Southern Enchantment, Emerson Venue, Elizabeth Lee Bridal Boutique


FALL FAVE: Amaranthus

Haute Poppies

What other flowers does the Amaranthus pair well with?

Amaranthus looks great with a variety of looks, but we truly love it with a boho vibe – add some pampas, bleached ruscus and toffee roses – just stunning! It is so versatile since it comes in so many colors. You can work it in anywhere for a touch of drama.

What do you love about this bloom?

We LOVE to use amaranthus in tall arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces. We use the bronze color a lot in the fall. The texture is everything! I have always wanted to do a cake installation with all amaranthus hanging from above – eek! I have noticed that some of our favorite bouquets always seem to have a touch in it!

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Upright red amaranthus varieties are generally available between August and November, green upright amaranthus between June and November and hanging amaranthus varieties between July and November.

What colors does this bloom come in? Info: there are two types of amaranthus: upright and hanging, and many different fantastic colors, they come in soft coral/pink, red, burgundy, lime green and bronze (our favorite in the fall).

Photo: Hannah Hix Photography // Also pictured: The RoseMary Barn, Lavender Blue Weddings & Events



TR Floral

What other flowers does blue thistle pair well with?

It pairs well with all types of greenery as well as burgundy/deep red florals such as peonies, roses and garden roses.

What do you love about this bloom?

The color and texture. Blue flowers are far and few, and this is a perfect way to add a splash of blue to your wedding.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

All year long! 

What colors does this bloom come in?


Photo: Tania Bustillos Photographer


WINTER WONDER: Helleborus Orientalis

21 Parc Floral & Events

What other flowers does Helleborus pair well with?

Helleborus is one of my favorite accent flowers in a bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere. Helleborus pairs beautifully with garden roses or dahlias in bridal bouquets.

What do you love about this bloom?

I love working with Helleborus due to their range of colors. There’s not a bridal color palette they won’t work in.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Most species can be counted on to bloom somewhere between December and April.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Helleborus comes in a mired of colors starting with white, jewel tone, live green and fancy variegated.

Photo: Bethany Erin Weddings // Also pictured: The Olana, The True Gem, WED Bridal Boutique


SPRINGTIME SPLENDOR: Mother’s Choice Peonies

Blushington Blooms

What other flowers do Mother’s Choice peonies pair well with?

Mother’s Choice peonies pair well with ranunculus and white majolica spray roses, but it really looks great with any colors and flowers, which is why it’s one of our favorites!

What do you love about this bloom?

We love that it is the perfect neutral focal flower. Many white flowers have a yellow or green undertone, but the Mother’s Choice peonies have a very subtle blush undertone which is what most of our brides prefer! This bloom can look white or blush depending on the other blooms you pair it with.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Mother’s Choice Peonies are beautiful in spring!

What colors does this bloom come in?

This bloom is a beautiful barely blush when the blooms are more closed and look more white when they bloom fully open.

Photo: Julia Sharapova Photography // Also pictured: Alexa Kay Events, The Olana



Lizzie Bee’s Flower Shoppe

What other flowers does Pieris Japonica pair well with?

The Pieris Japonica pairs beautifully with any stem with a high petal count with ruffled texture, like butterfly ranunculus, garden roses and hydrangea.

What do you love about this bloom?

We love the dainty, romantic detail it brings to any design!

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

It primarily blooms in March and April, but does pop back up for a few weeks in the fall as well.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Pieris Japonica comes in both pink and white variations.

Photo: AR Photography // Also pictured: Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Keestone Events



R. Love Floral

What other flowers do zinnias pair well with?

Zinnias are the life of the party and pair beautifully with almost any flower, but my favorites are ranunculus, cosmos, dahlias and garden roses.

What do you love about this bloom?

What I love most about zinnias is their bold and vivid colors. They can brighten any arrangement with just a few stems. Their petals are plentiful and are often mistaken for dahlias.

What month is this bloom easily accessible?

Zinnias bloom summer through fall and are at their peak perfection June-August. They thrive on the heat and don’t mind full sun or dry soil making them not only an amazing flower in your summer arrangements but also your gardens.

What colors does this bloom come in?

Zinnias are known for being a colorful flower and come in almost any color – all variations of pink, red, orange, yellow, white, purple, white and even green. My absolute favorite has to be the coral and peach variations.

Photo: Ben Q. Photography // Also pictured: Silver Lining Events + Co, Jenna Thomas Beauty, Styling by Macey, Lakeview Event Center, The Bridal Salon at Neiman Marcus

Now that you’re more in-the-know on what blooms are right for your wedding season, take a look at our full list of wedding florists to find the right fit for your celebration!

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