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Choose the Perfect Wedding Photography Style

A wedding photographer’s style can be just as unique as the couple they are photographing, and when choosing the right wedding photographer for your big day, you want to find a vendor whose shooting and editing styles align with the type of photos you’ll want to keep for generations to come! But where to begin? We broke it down for you and had these North Texas wedding photographers tell us a little bit about some of the most popular photography styles for weddings so you know what you’re looking for when you start the search for the right photographer for you! Read on to hear about what makes each style unique. Cheers!

Light & Airy

Choose the Perfect Wedding Photography Style

Bertha Torres Photography

Why is this photography style so trendy right now?

One of the reasons I feel this photography style is so trendy is because of its dreamy light and airy feel to the images. I think it makes people feel happy when they see natural light illuminating from their images. It has become more common in the wedding industry because of the natural and classic vibe it creates. I feel this style will not go out of style for a very long time and will continue to retain its classic and romantic style. Secondly, I feel it resembles the look of film, which has soft and pretty tones you get when editing. I am blown away at the similarities that digital can recreate the light and airy look to film. They both offer specific dreamy looks that will be retained for many years to come.

What first drew you to this photography style?

“My photography style has made me experiment with so many different types of editing through the years. When I fell upon film, it was a game-changer! I instantly fell in love with the outcome of the pretty colors and artistic results that were produced with film. At that point, I realized I would emulate all my digital images to look like film and allowed my style to grow as a wedding photographer. I quickly understood how it is important to maintain consistency with your editing style and be true to what you love and how this will allow your work to stand out and speak for itself.

What types of weddings is this photography best for?

I feel the best types of weddings are those who love the light and airy throughout their entire wedding day. I think it is also for clients who want timeless and romantic details of fine art photography. There is something about the aesthetic look of beauty that is pleasing to the eye. I also feel it is important to establish a relationship with the couple to be able to create, embrace the natural emotion and details of their wedding day for years to come.

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Classic & Timeless

wedding photographer

The Lockharts

Why do you suggest brides opt for this photography style?

We believe that many styles can just be trends that will come and go. However, when you think about classic and timeless, this is not just a style, it is a set perspective that will preserve through time as a family heirloom. This is because this style is clean, detailed oriented and it maintains consistency throughout time. This style will never go out of trend because it captures the natural aspect of any setting through film without altering the mood or perspective of it.

What do you do to ensure you’re capturing every last detail and moment in a wedding day?

In order to ensure we are capturing every last detail during the wedding day, we engage with our couples from the moment they meet us. We are in constant communication via phone calls, emails and social media interactions. In addition, we always encourage our brides to share their idea boards with us in order to give us a better perspective of their point of view. This helps us visualize their concept. As we get closer to the wedding, we have them complete a custom questionnaire that allows us to create a detailed photography timeline. This timeline keeps us organized and allows us to make sure we are capturing everything.

What does the turnaround process look like?

When it comes to our services, we begin with a sneak peek usually 72 hours after the wedding. By this time we expect our couples to be on their honeymoon, so this serves as a way for them to reminisce on their lovely day. Afterward, we begin the process of curating and editing. Our couples usually receive their full wedding gallery in about eight weeks. After the gallery is delivered, we begin the heirloom process where couples can explore different investment options for their final deliverables and albums.

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Dyan Elizabeth Photography

Why is film so expensive?

Capturing an image on film is not something to be taken lightly. Prior to every time I click the shutter, I make sure I have everything exactly as I want it. Of course, there are highly occasional blinks and blurs and things that move out of place in the final images, but it’s gut-wrenching to miss a film shot because as the photographer, you know the financial burn of losing that image. Between the cost of the actual roll of film (around $8.00 per roll, which is only 16 shots), the cost to ship the film to the developer (about $1.00 per roll), and the cost for the developer to develop and scan the roll ($18.00 per roll), each roll of film shot directly costs the photographer around $30.00 when taxes are added in! For a standard wedding day, most film photographers are shooting upwards of 25 rolls of film! Not to mention film equipment itself and required maintenance of gear is extremely expensive as well. Film photographers must be highly skilled and excellent at their craft and knowledge of photography in order to consistently produce beautiful film images for their clients. For these reasons, you should expect to pay a much higher price tag to secure your dream film photographer!

Why is the turnaround for film so long?

It is my dream that one day, I will have my own darkroom in which I can develop all of my own film. However I have two young boys, and asking them to stay out of any room in my house is only more incentive for them to get into that room as quickly as possible! Most film photographers send their film off via mail to reputable, professional film developers. It’s usually 1-2 days for the film to travel in the mail, followed by usually two or more weeks (dependent on the time of year and volume of film) for the developer to process, scan and return the images to the photographer. Then the photographer hand-touches each image to perfect them, showcasing the photographer’s aesthetic and personal style in a final round of post-production. In this immediate gratification world we live in, I promise this is a wait that is beyond worth it when you have the final product in your hands, ready to cherish for the rest of your life!

Why do you choose to shoot film photography?

Film has a certain aesthetic, similar to the great Impressionist artists, that captures light’s effect on its subject oh-so-beautifully! This is what first caught my attention with film photography. Try as I may to recreate the look using digital mediums, I just couldn’t get quite the match to what I was drawn to by film. Photographing on film is also a huge challenge to the photographer! There is no back of the camera to check for proper exposure after the image is captured. The photographer has to constantly know their light and what parameters to set on the camera (which can change frequently!) in order to create a proper image. There’s no getting off your game and being able to recover the shot in editing if you don’t get it right at the time of capturing the image! Film photography revived so much of what I love about the process and art of photography!

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Lorena Burns Photography and Films

What makes your photography considered “documentary” style?

We are a mixture of documentary style and traditional style. We do offer directions to our couples, this helps them relax and have some sort of direction without being too posed. Throughout the years we have found that our clients also still love some of those more traditional poses as well, so we like to mix it up.

What’s your trick to capturing those candid moments so perfectly?

Because we have a video background as well, we love movement in our pictures. So we do a lot of walking, spinning, laughing,and cuddling with our sessions. We love capturing those moments in between.

Are you shooting in film or digital?

We are digital.

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Laning Photography

Why is this photography style so trendy right now?

Emotion is the mover of this trend, far and away. Most of the other wedding photography trends out right now are dominated by one emotion – happy. The beauty of moody photography is that it not only captures happiness, but goes beyond happiness and captures the “mood” of the moments of a wedding day with more emotional depth, such as the beauty of intimacy, the promise of love through good times and bad, the joyful teary moments of family opening their arms to new family, and the excitement of the possibilities of the future when a couple knows they are stronger together. The list goes on! In my opinion, great moody photography will capture that rich, romantic, life long feeling that is at the core of every wedding better than any other current style. The colors, the lighting and the framing all make one feel the depth and romance that comes with a wedding day.

What first drew you to this photography style?

My answer to question number one is the answer to this question as well. I love all types of wedding photography. We shoot a much more light, traditional film look as well as our much more popular moody look we’re known for. So, we love it all. That said, nothing quite captures the full range of emotions as moody photography. In truth, happiness is only one small emotion during a day filled with so many rich, deep and complex emotions. If I were to describe most wedding photography, including our more traditional film-like wedding photography, in one word it would be “Yay!” We always want our moody style wedding photography to be described by “Whoa!”

What types of weddings is this photography best for?

I don’t think it matters. Moody has some breadth to it. Some people’s moody photography is really quite dark. Others aren’t. There are many ways to achieve mood. We all know it when we see it. So, with that said, I don’t think that moody works or doesn’t work with a type of wedding. Moody works or doesn’t work for different couples. We actually call our style, “deep and romantic,” and we tend to attract couples who have that at the heart of what they want to be captured for their day. What changes the vibe is the same thing as with any photography. What colors have you chosen for your wedding? Is it outdoors or indoors? What time of year? Obviously, all of these factors come together to heavily influence the mood and style of your wedding. If your wedding venue is a white barn, then your photos won’t have the same dark, shadowy mood as the wedding shot in an old gothic church with the sun coming through the windows. Neither is better than the other, they are just different, and will achieve a different mood when captured. That said, some of my favorite architectural fits with our style are weddings photographed in older buildings with drama, such as The Mason, The Adolphus, The Carlisle Room, The Stoneleigh, etc. Another form of drama that fits well with our style would be weddings photographed in open nature, such as the ones we’ve gotten to photograph in Rocky Mountain National Park or the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. Incorporating deep or neutral colors, as well as textures also are some of our favorite fits with our style of wedding photography.

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Fine Art

wedding photographer


Megan Kay Photography

What makes your photography “fine art”?

I work to create images that are timeless, airy and genuine. I pay a great deal of attention to detail, as I want all of my images to serve as an heirloom piece that my brides will treasure for decades to come. As well as documenting the moments as they unfold on a wedding day, I work to stylize details and find the most beautiful backdrops for each scene. I partner with my brides to get to know the details that are the most important to them and to create an experience where they are comfortable in front of the camera and trust my knowledge of lighting, photography and weddings. This might entail me encouraging my couples to bring their moments, such as a first look, to areas with the best lighting and background. Attention to little details can create a large difference in creating fine art photographs.

What types of weddings is this photography best for?

Fine art wedding photography is for brides that value timelessness and photos that will not go out of style. I like to picture my brides viewing their photos with their children and grandchildren decades in the future, still in love with their spouse, their wedding day and their wedding photos. Brides that value details, florals and those that desire to not only remember how their wedding day looked but also desire to remember the way their wedding day felt, would be well suited for the fine art photography style.

Why do you choose to create fine art photography?

I see reasons to appreciate all photography styles, but when it comes to the way that I capture weddings, my couples, and their family and friends, I feel as though I am called to capture it in this timeless and detail-oriented fashion. My eye is drawn to finding the best lighting and always looking for ways to improve little details. My heart is drawn to wanting to befriend my clients and give them my best. I desire to understand what is most important to them as well as their emotions throughout their wedding day, so I am able to capture their moments and feelings to be relived again and again. I naturally see the beauty in every color palette and style and I desire to preserve that beauty in photographs. I wish flowers lived forever, but thankfully, they can in a photograph. I feel that capturing weddings in this timeless and genuine style is the best way I can serve my clients as they relive their wedding photos after the wedding and when they are looking back at their photos 50 years from now.

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Every photography style is unique, just like each couple. Whatever photography style you love, we’ve got your perfect match! Check out even more unique North Texas wedding photographers here.

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