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Stanley Korshak is Bringing Brides the Yaniv Persy Experience

Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon has no shortage of top-notch wedding dresses. With over 10 designers available year-round and numerous visiting collections throughout the year, the salon offers unique gowns from around the world.

Most recently, the shop hosted a pop-up with designer Yaniv Persy, and two members of the Wed Society team had the opportunity to speak with him. Keep reading to learn more about the designer’s back story, mission and inspiration.

Photos: Courtesy of Yaniv Persy


Yaniv Persy’s Beginnings


Although Yaniv Persy has always had a passion for fashion, it wasn’t until well into his career that he began designing bridal wear. After graduating from Shankar College in Israel, he went on to Paris a mere five days after commencement. “I won a competition in Paris for modern femininity and I was scouted to start my journey in Dior,” he says. 

After three years in the city of love, Persy moved on to Florence, Italy, where he worked for Roberto Cavalli and began dealing with more couture and evening dresses. There, the designer was exposed to new techniques and textiles, opening him up to new ideas. As he created new collections, Persy began submitting his designs to Mercedes-Benz fashion week.

“We started to sell in a lot of department stores,” he says. “My collections got really successful, and then the war came in Israel and it was a very challenging moment for the brand.” With the war at hand, Persy and his team couldn’t ship to buyers in a timely manner. It was at this time that the doorway to bridal opened for Persy and his team.

“One of the girls on Instagram that was following us was supposed to get an evening dress from us, and we were delayed because of the war,” he says. When the woman finally received her long-awaited gown, she was in awe. Immediately, she contacted Persy and his team and said she wanted the same dress in white for her wedding.

Bridal Beginnings

Though Persy was initially reluctant to design the dress, he was won by the process of creating the gown and the connection built between him and the bride. Afterwards, he began working on a capsule collection of five dresses, which went viral on Instagram. 

“I think the first gown that we posted reached 12,000 people. It was super viral and we got many comments and demands like for the dress,” he says. “Every day, we got five demands for the dress — it was crazy. From five pieces in the collection, three were bestsellers.”

Shortly after their initial success, Galia Lahav reached out with a collab in mind. Again, Persy was reluctant, but persistence won, and the two joined forces.

“I went with my first collection to New York bridal week, and it went super successful,” he says. “We got over 60 retailers. It was on the press everywhere: Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire. We hit the right trends and the tendencies for the collection. And since then, I’m very passionate about it.”


Up and Up

It’s been over 10 years since Yaniv Persy’s designs skyrocketed in popularity, and he and the team are still going strong. One of his most successful collections included clean, simple and elegant gowns during a time when extravagance was all the rage. Persy also designed a 1920s-inspired collection with plenty of fringe to go around.

Persy’s work was so impressive that Givenchy used his dress design, which Cate Blanchett wore on the red carpet. Another critical moment came after Richard Gere’s then fiance enlisted Persy and his team to design her wedding dress. 

“This was the turning point for the brand,” says Persy. “We were in almost 600 articles around the US, and it was all over the media — it was crazy. This boosted the brand significantly.”

Since then, Persy has continued doing what he does best: designing high-quality gowns and winning the favor of markets locally and internationally. “I want to do something where the construction inside is phenomenal and it will fit the body,” he says. “I want unique and luxurious fabrics.”

One of Persy’s favorite gowns from this season is a beautiful soft ball gown made of organza silk with mikado fabric underneath. The dress — named Marie — has a high neckline and is fit for both traditional and destination weddings. As someone who would describe himself as a “traditional person,” it’s fitting that one of Persy’s favorite gowns is a versatile mix of classy and informal.


Quality, Intention, Expertise

In an industry that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology and AI, Yaniv Persy is taking the road less traveled by handcrafting gowns with unique, luxurious fabrics. In a saturated market, what makes his gowns stand out from those that are factory-produced is, he believes, the emotion in a dress.

“I think what really differentiates a good designer is the ability to do a great construction that complements every size of women — not only slim figures — and accentuates a woman’s body in the best way,” he explains. “And then, obviously, the textile. The textile is something that, when you do handwork and you do it with passion, you can feel it.”

Although high fashion will always be an industry known for its glamor, handiwork is a must to ensure the integrity of a piece. Rather than relying on machinery, Persy still values a human touch in his work — something he learned in his time with Dior under the mentorship of Elisa Palomino.

“In Dior, there are no computers for the design team. We do everything manual, and that’s what brings emotion,” says Persy. “I think the world is going towards technology and AI. Everything is becoming automated, and I hate that. I’m an old soul, and I feel like there is no replacement for the touch of a human being.”

To this day, Persy prioritizes many hands in the making of a dress, whether sewing, stitching or beading. Acknowledging that shopping for your dream gown is emotional, Persy emphasizes his unwillingness to compromise on quality.

“I think that’s what makes it unique. There is no replacement for a designer or a real emotional product,” Persy says. “So when people ask me if I think the bridal industry will change and become like a mass market product, I say no because there is no replacement for the designers who have the passion to do something innovative and to bring a new trend.”


Yaniv Persy at Stanley Korshak in Dallas

Partnering with Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon, Yaniv Persy brought the full experience of his brand to Dallas. Since November 15, guests have had the opportunity to browse the brand’s crème de la crème. In the salon’s most recent pop-up, brides were able to interact with the designer himself!

Though Persy used to have four points of sale in Texas, he and the team recently reduced everything into one location: Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon in Dallas. “All the brides from around Texas come and shop and to be honest, it’s been really successful,” he says. “Since we started, the brides are really happy with the concept. They feel at home, they feel like they get something more personal.”

Along with showcasing their eternal, lavish, destination and couture lines, the team also boasts customizations. They even provided a sneak peak from their April collection during the pop-up! For Persy, however, the most exciting part has been helping brides find their dream gowns.

“It’s an experience for me, and I feel this brings the bride on another journey,” he says. “We do the sketches for them, which is really fun. And I think the whole process is very joyful. By the end, we feel like a big family. Even today we had mothers of brides whose daughters said yes to my dresses.”

Getting to interact with brides in person has been a privilege for Yaniv Persy. By creating in-person connections with the women trying on his gowns, the designer is giving brides an experience like no other. With four successful months under his belt, Persy hopes to keep building connections with the women saying “yes” to his gowns.

To learn more about Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon and all their exciting happenings, be sure to check out their vendor profile here!