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Style School | Incorporating Top Wedding Trends

Looking for a lesson in wedding style school? Allow us to introduce wedding planner and designer Kristen McCurdy Studio who is giving us all the inside scoop on how to create a cohesive wedding look by incorporating top wedding trends into your design. With trends changing so quickly, it can be hard to stay in the loop with what’s hot now versus what will soon fall out of style. What will the trends you choose say about your wedding design down the road, and how will they look once off the Pinterest board and in your wedding venue? One surefire way to avoid wedding regret is by selecting classy, timeless styles you love inspired by the latest wedding trends to create a look that’s totally you, and as seamlessly designed as you could ever dream. But can brides make top wedding trends their own? That’s where the expert advice comes into play for this lesson of our Style School editorial. Scroll to read all of the details and to learn more about Kristen McCurdy Studio‘s design style and her favorite trending elements of 2022. Cheers!


top wedding trends

top wedding trends


How do you determine top trends for the upcoming year? Is there any resource you look at in particular?

The first resource I go to for top trends is Pantone – I always look to see what is going to be the color of the year, and then which will be the top colors for each season. Everything in the design world is focused around what colors they release. I also will look at what my favorite designers are showcasing for the new year and go off that!


top wedding trends

top wedding trends


How do you balance incorporating top trends into a wedding design while staying true to your couple’s style?

I like to choose a couple of areas to incorporate trending décor and blend it with a couple’s personal style, incorporating their hobbies into the location and design with top trending colors and textiles. Many times it is in the color palette or tablescape with trending vessels and popular textiles with the linens, or the photo op area that is the perfect space to go all out with. We like to balance this carefully because we want them to look at their wedding for decades to come and still be in love with it. Sometimes, you have couples that want everything that is cutting edge and trending at the moment so for them I like to use a neutral color palette to keep it timeless.


top wedding trends

top wedding trends


How do you balance trendy design with a timeless style any couple would look back on and love?

I recently had a bride who loved navy, polka dots and has a very classic style. We chose to use navy as the base for the color palette with pops of fall colors to warm it, plus trending colors of mustard and rust. We brought in a touch of chinoiserie in the vessels, which is timeless but has been trending as well and we used embroidered linens with a quatrefoil-like pattern to keep it a bit more modern. The blend was beautiful and she loved it! The styled shoot pictured above pulled together a focus on Pantone’s color of the year ‘Illuminating’ with muted tones and a touch of the 70s vibe you see trending with the dress style and rattan elements.


top wedding trends

top wedding trends


What are your favorite 2022 wedding trends?

The more intimate your guest list, the more money is allowed to be spent per person so that each has a luxurious, curated experience as well. Muted colors are also a favorite, and I love the idea of intimate ceremonies followed by an over-the-top reception!

We’d like to give a special thanks to Kristen McCurdy of Kristen McCurdy Studio for sharing her design insight on incorporating top wedding trends into your big day! Visit their Brides of North Texas vendor profile here to see all the incredible planning services this team offers for your celebration. For more style school lessons, head to @bridesofnorthtx on Instagram!

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