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Stylish Dallas Arboretum Engagement Shoot from Jeff Brummett Visuals

Photos by Jeff Brummett Visuals

Jeff Brummett Visuals stunningly captures every joyous emotion of Abby and Mauricio’s relationship in this stylish Dallas Arboretum engagement shoot! Snuggled up in each others arms, the couple looks radiant as they transition from the botanical gardens to cozy attire for a lakeside shoot. Dramatic natural light paired with the love and laughter these two share combine created images and memories that will last a lifetime. Keep reading to learn more about Abby and Mauricio’s sweet love story!

Mauricio and Abby met in eighth grade. Naturally as this young romance started, Mauricio picked on Abby relentlessly, and she wanted nothing to do with him! It wasn’t until their summer before high school that Abby began to see him as more than just the boy that picked on her in middle school. They ended up dating all throughout high school and vowed to stay together through college although they were attending different universities. Eventually, it became too tough and they decided to part ways. After months of silence, Abby couldn’t help but ask Mauricio to her brother’s upcoming wedding as he had been a part of her family for so long. Her family couldn’t imagine him not being there. The moment they saw each other at the wedding, they both knew their feelings were still there, and from that point on they have been inseparable!

When Mauricio was ready to propose, he invited Abby to go for a picnic. He casually suggested she wear something nice because they may not have enough time to change before Abby’s brother’s birthday dinner that night. Once they got to the park where they were going to have their picnic, the two sat down and Mauricio popped the question! Moments later, a stretch limo pulled around the corner full of their friends and family.

This gorgeous pair will be married next month on July 29th! Cheers to the happy couple and this breathtaking shoot!