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How to Throw an Unforgettable Virtual Bachelorette Party

Virtual bachelorette parties are definitely unlike any party we’ve been to before, but we’re so loving them! While going virtual is not exactly ideal, these virtual bachelorette party ideas are guaranteed to make the bride-to-be in your life still feel loved and celebrated no matter how far apart you may be. Online doesn’t have to be boring – and you definitely don’t all have to be in one place to have fun. For the maid of honor who may be struggling on how to altar your plans to fit into quarantine, read below for all the inspiration you could need!

virtual bachelorette party

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1. Send Out Invitations

What’s a party without the invitations? Whether you’re wanting to go down the traditional path of physical invitations or the more modern of evites, sending out invitations is an important first step when planning a virtual bachelorette party! Put a little extra attention into the planning of your invitations, and make sure it is more than a simple calendar invite. You want your bride-to-be to feel super special and celebrated in all the details! Include all the brides closest friends when sending out invites – even those who did not make it into the bridal party, but who the bride still wants to have there. Some things to consider including on the invitation are: the date and time the party will commence, the platform it will happen on plus a link to join, the theme (read below!), and what to expect the party to be like!

2. Choose a Theme

The theme of her bachelorette party is oh-so-important in showing the bride how much you love and care for her! Choosing the theme to be about something she loves is key to having a great time, whether you’re together or apart. This theme can go along with everything you do for the day! Movie-lover? Have a movie night and costume party. Loves a good spa day and mani-pedi? Throw an at-home spa day. Was her party supposed to be at the beach? Have a pool party and at-home happy hour. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to picking-and-choosing a theme!

3. Send Gifts to go with the Theme

No bachelorette party is complete without sending out cute party gifts to all the guests! Whatever your chosen theme may be, stick with it in everything – including the gifts you send. This can be cute bridal party shirts for everyone to wear on the day, personalized champagne glasses to drink out of, pool floaties to lounge in, house slippers and nail polish or a sentimental gift that connects them back to the bride in a special way. Make sure these are sent out and arrive to their destination before the party date!

4. Get Dressed Up!

You finally have an occasion to get out of your pajamas and put on makeup for – yay! While you can’t go anywhere, make yourself and the bride-to-be feel special by getting ready and dressed up for the party. Especially if the party has a theme, encourage all guests to get in on the action. It’s the little things that go a long way!

5. Order Your Fave Foods To-Go

Whether you’re throwing a brunch, lunch or dinner party, choosing the same restaurant (if possible) for everyone to order their own food from brings a cohesive element to the party that you would have had in-person! Make sure the restaurant is a favorite of the bride and a special detail that will add to the party atmosphere (because who doesn’t love some great party food?). Delivering DIY meal kits also doubles as a great party activity and a meal to eat along the way. Besides the main course, delivering cute personalized donuts, cupcakes or candy for dessert is always a great way to end any meal (sorry skinny jeans)!

6. Choose a Fun Activity for the Day

Host a Movie Night + Costume Party

Hosting a movie night is a great way for the bride to sit and (virtually) relax with all her closest friends! To make things more fun and interesting, have all the guests dress up as characters of the movie you will be watching!

Have a Cocktail Hour

Brunch parties are always a great opportunity to sit and sip on a mimosa with all your gal pals! Turn cocktail hour into a party game by having guests make their own drinks and presenting them to the party – the most creative wins! Guests can even swap recipes at the end of the night!

Create an At-Home Spa

This idea is perfect for the bride-to-be who loves to be pampered! Deliver to your guests nail polish, candles, slippers, face masks or anything else to complete the ultimate at-home spa day.

Host a Group Workout or Yoga Class

Helping the bride get wedding-body ready and having a sweat session doubles to create the ultimate virtual bachelorette party idea! There are SO many virtual opportunities for this idea lately, and it’s a simple way to get all guests moving during quarantine!

Get Creative: Have a Virtual Sip and Paint or Flower/Succulent Arrangement Class!

Bring a little creativity to the party by hosting a virtual sip and paint, or flower arrangement class! Collect all the needed supplies to send out to guests before the day (this is so so essential). Once the day arrives, have an artsy guest member lead the party or find an outside teacher to lead it for everyone!

At-Home Glamping

Have guests turn their living room into the ultimate camp out (glamping style, of course)! This can be done by building a blanket fort, setting up a tent, turning on a virtual campfire and making microwave s’mores!

Soak Up The Sun

With it being summer time, guests can relax and soak up the sun outdoors! While not everyone may have access to a pool, a good lawn chair and a bathing suit is all you need!

7. End with Stories and Well-Wishes for the Bride

Finish off the party by reminiscing on all the wonderful times you have had with the bride. Share your funniest stories, best memories and sentimental moments that show the bride why you love and care so much about her. Close everything out by wishing the bride well in her future marriage!

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