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Why You Should Hire a Wedding Content Creator

Imagine waking up the day after your wedding with a batch of freshly made reels delivered to your inbox. Each one features a special moment from your wedding day, ranging from getting ready with your best pals to tearing it up on the dance floor. Thanks to your wedding content creator, these moments and more are yours to enjoy only a day after saying “I do.”

Photo: Courtesy of Always a Bride Events

What is Wedding Content Creation?

TikTok videos along with Instagram reels and stories have become an extremely common way for people to share about big life events, and weddings are no exception! However, as the bride or groom, you have no time to stand around and snap videos nor do your family and friends. This is where a wedding content creator comes in!

Wedding content creators such as Always a Bride Events, The Social Bri, Wedding & Event Content by Tara, For the Bride and Summer Time Scroll take traditional photography/videography and combine them with social media to make short, shareable videos. Typically, their work captures behind-the-scenes content from your wedding, resulting in candid, fun, quick and creative videos for you to post on your socials.

Wedding content creation differs from traditional photography and videography in that the content is made specifically for social media. In addition to being shot on a smartphone, the content will be short-form and may even be put against trending music or sounds on TikTok or Instagram.

One perk of wedding content creation is the quick turnaround. While your photographer may need 4-12 weeks to deliver your photos, a wedding content creator will only need 24-48 hours. Some wedding content creators will even take over your social media account for the day, posting photos and videos in real-time so you can be fully present.


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4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Content Creator

Wedding content creation is trending for a reason! Here are four reasons you might consider hiring a professional wedding content creator for your special day.

Receive your wedding content ASAP

We get it —waiting over a month (or more) for your pictures can feel like an eternity! One of the major perks of wedding content creation is the quick turnaround. In only 24-48 hours you can expect to receive your custom content. Not only is this fun for you and your spouse, it can be a great way to share your special day with friends or family who weren’t able to attend.

Social media is a priority

If you’re someone who either has a large following on social media or you simply enjoy using social apps, you may benefit from having someone create personalized content for you. Amidst the tight timeline of your wedding day, creating a fun video for your socials may feel impossible. Relying on a professional ensures you get quality content without sacrificing your precious time.

Receive a variety of content

While professional photography is a wonderful way to capture the biggest moments of your day, a wedding content creator specializes in highlighting the more mundane. Whether it’s getting ready, the feeling right before you walk down the aisle or the in-between moments during a photo session, your content creator is there to capture it all!

Get the best of both worlds

Getting married is one of your life’s biggest events. Although you’ll want to soak it in as much as possible, snapshots and memories from the day matter too! This is where hiring a professional comes in clutch. Instead of relying on a friend or scrambling to get your own content, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your day to the fullest extent, knowing you’ll get to relive all the glorious details come tomorrow.



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Wedding Content Creator Pricing

Wedding content creators put in the work! In addition to assisting couples throughout the day, a quality content creator also conducts pre-wedding meetings to discuss your vision, offers a quick turnaround and provides expertise and experience in the realm of social media. All of that considered, prices typically begin at $1,000.


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If wedding content creation is calling your name, view our favorites here! Those intimate, behind-the-scenes moments may be more meaningful than you realize. By working with a wedding content creator, you’ll get to relive those moments again and again.