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Wedding Entertainment Q&A with DJ Jason Esquire


From the big entrance to the final dance, it’s an emcee’s job to make sure your reception flows smoothly and get people dancing, and DJ Jason Esquire is truly the best at both! Jason really desires to get to know each couple and help create an atmosphere that’s perfect for them as well as everyone who’s attending. We sat down with this North Texas wedding entertainment expert to ask some question we know you brides-to-be might be wondering!

What sets you apart from just having a friend press play on a playlist?

Do people still take this route?! I’ve never actually experienced this first hand but have heard stories. And these stories never end well. If you only want background music, music that will go unnoticed by guests, then this might be for you. Not everyone needs or wants a dance party and that’s when an Ipod works. If you want your guests dancing and are looking for an interactive form of entertainment that caters to you and your guests, live entertainment is the best option. No piece of technology, no matter how advanced or ͞personalized͟ will do what a DJ can for an event. Only a live person can engage and entertain a group of people and get them dancing by watching how people react to each song and building a playlist based on observing the crowd. This is what creates a unique atmosphere and vibe for your event. A live DJ mixing music can really compliment the overall feeling in the room. Your event is an exciting one for you and your guests and having a live entertainer there to match that excitement is priceless. It’s interactive and really makes the feeling in the room come alive.

How does a bride go about picking the right DJ?

From the very first interaction, whether online, via direct email, or by phone, I like to ask questions and get an idea for what each bride is looking for. What is important to her and her fiancé? There is no replacement for a face-to-face meeting. Every bride should have at least one meeting with the DJ they are considering hiring to see if they will get along well and take time to talk about music taste, preferences, and the type of atmosphere they’re wanting for their wedding. I think it’s vital that brides seek out professional vendors who have a proven track record including great references and great reviews from past brides, and venues. It’s important to not only have a DJ who knows music and can confidently mix music to create a unique experience for your event, but to also have a DJ who is professional and will work well with other vendors a bride will hire for her wedding. This is an irreplaceable trait in a professional DJ who has years of experience as sometimes things change at a wedding very quickly and ability to work well with others makes a professional DJ able to adapt to any changes seamlessly.

Talk about some of your favorite music and what inspires you.

The first genres of music I remember being into were 80s country, Motown and big-time bands. Most DJs are all over the place musically and that’s what makes it so much fun! After I started DJing in 1999, I looked at music differently than I had in the past. Everywhere I’d go that had music I would watch people’s reaction to each song and make a mental note to try it out later.

What is your favorite moment during a wedding?

I always enjoy that moment when I hook a crowd. It’s not always the first song or the second but there’s always a point I’m able to connect with everyone in the room at the same time and after that, after the guests trust me, I can play anything. I also really enjoy the first dance. It’s a great feeling to be present for a couple’s first dance. It’s a moment they will remember forever and I am grateful to get to play a small role in that.

With over 15 years of experience, we know Jason will make your reception one to remember! Visit his website to get all the deets, or give him a call at 214.991.7730. Cheers!