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Finding Your Wedding Inspiration with Joche W. Events

A bridal magazine (or website), an old photo, a vase, a word even — wedding inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime. For Joche Westmoreland of Joche W. Events, whenever the creative muse strikes, he’s ready to sketch it into life — even if that means using a napkin during dinner. From details and crisis control to conceptual design, a wedding planner has to have the perfect blend of logistical and creative genius. Joche and his team bring that practical experience with everything from culinary to lighting design and even accounting, so we have asked him to share a behind-the-scenes look at what bringing your dream wedding to life looks like.

Photos // Jen Symes Photography

Finding Your Wedding Inspiration with Joche W. Events

The Planning Process

“After meeting with a new client, we develop a conceptual design and budget for everything needed for their event. This can include floral as well as linen, rental pieces, staging dancefloors, china and flatware, etc. I also enjoy sketching a diagram of what the reception floor plan would look like so that they can visualize their event. After booking their date with us, we will begin creating their personalized design plan that includes inspirational images, sketches and photos. This is the document that literally takes their vision from paper to reality.

Our couples know that my team and I are available for questions and advice at any point in the planning process. I am proud to be a planner that has real-life work experience in culinary and pastry arts, interior, lighting and set design, graphic design, floral design and accounting. My journey has led me to learn so many things that I apply as an event planner and designer. My clients know that whatever I recommend has been well thought out and is truly the best for them in my opinion. I will also let a client know if I feel that a decision or recommendation that they have may not be the best for their event.”



Finding Inspiration

“I believe that muses are the fuel for the creative engine and they come to us when they are ready to be seen. I enjoy playing with different color palettes and am not afraid to experiment with different prototype designs in the studio. Some of my favorite designs have come out of dinner and margaritas with a group of friends just talking together. Then all of the sudden I need a beverage napkin and pen so I can start sketching.”



Meeting Expectations

“We setup our initial consultations with new or potential clients to be all about getting to know each other. Depending on what stage in the planning process they are in, we may discuss the style of wedding they would like, color palettes, entertainment options, favorite cuisines and budgeting questions they may have – just a little of everything.”


Advice for Couples

“Interview your potential planners. Hiring a wedding planner can be the best decision a couple may make when they have selected the right one. We excel in logistics and the ‘who-stands-where’ but our knowledge of crisis control and instinctual on-the-spot problem solving is what we have been told sets us apart. Fourteen years in the wedding industry has given us education that cannot be learned except through experience.”

Thank you to Joche Westmoreland of Joche W. Events for sharing a behind the scenes look at the wedding planning process. His Dallas/Fort Worth-based event design and consulting firm specializes in personalized event planning for one-of-a-kind parties that guests will never forget. Learn more about working with Joche by contacting him through his Brides of North Texas vendor profile.

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