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How to Tackle Wedding Planning Stress During COVID-19

We know wedding planning is stressful – that’s why we’re here! With the global crisis of COVID-19, we know planning a wedding has become 100x harder than before. That’s why we’ve gathered together some of the best ways to deal with wedding planning stress that are guaranteed to calm those nerves and clear your head! Nobody should be having to go through this added stress, much less alone! Remember, we’re all in this together (*cue High School Musical music*)!

ways to deal with wedding planning stress during covid-19

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Be open and honest about what you need help with

Asking for help is hard – trust us, we get it. But, there’s absolutely no need to go at all this alone! Your wedding planner and vendor team are there to help you with ANYTHING you need. They understand the stress and anxiety you are going through, and will stop at nothing to make sure you are cared for in every way possible. Nothing is too big or small!

Trust your people

There is no better time than now to lean on your family, friends, bridesmaids and future spouse. They want to help you and know you need them now more than ever. Don’t be afraid to delegate simple tasks – such as keeping in contact with a vendor or asking them to check in with you daily. Again, don’t go at this alone! Your people are your best resource and biggest encouragers!

Set goals

Make a to-do list for every day and strive to finish it! Setting out to accomplish certain tasks every day will help eliminate procrastinating and reduce your stress. Anxiety is not planning your wedding, you are! Do not let your fear take away from having the day of your dreams. Aside from wedding planning goals, set healthy and positive goals! Going to bed early, making your bed every morning, and working out each day are a few of the hundreds of healthy and positive goals you can have!

Clear your head

Sometimes you need to step away from planning when it gets too overwhelming! There are tons of things you can do to clear your head or get yourself outside of the house. Some of our favorites include: taking a walk, playing with your pups, cleaning anything and everything, cooking dinner or trying out new recipes, or working out!


Take some scheduled time away from planning by relaxing by yourself or with your family (6-feet apart, of course). Watching a new show on Netflix, reading that book you have been meaning to get to or coloring in an adult coloring book (you’re never too old) are a few simple ways. Taking some time away doesn’t have to be hard or boring!

Treat yourself

Girls night of one! Who’s with me? Spend an evening doing all the things: face masks, soaking in a nice warm bath, doing your nails, eating that ooey gooey chocolate cake and having a nice cup of hot cocoa or glass of wine (your preferred choice)!

Have an in-house date

Social distancing is hard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go on dates! There really is SO much you can do right inside your own house. May we suggest building the biggest and comfiest pillow fort, watching movies, and eating homemade pizza and brownies you two made together? Brb while we go gather all our pillows and blankets for this one!

Hang out with your friends #socialdistancingstyle

Distancing from your bffs is so hard in this time, but thankfully technology is here to save the day! Virtual FaceTime hang outs are the new thing, and we 100% approve. Make the most of it by watching shows, baking cupcakes or playing board games. The possibilities are endless!


Sleep is soooo important when it comes to de-stressing! If there is one day you are feeling particularly stressed, take a nap, and your body will thank you later. Going to bed early and getting enough sleep will also help! Our parents always said sleep was important, and now we believe it. This is an oh-so crucial step!

Think big picture

Yes, you want your wedding day to be the most spectacular thing you have ever witnessed. But, you do not need to worry and stress yourself to death about it! Remember it is a special day where all of your friends and family will be gathered to support and celebrate YOU. How special is that? Wedding planning should bring you closer to your future spouse and help you remember that you get to spend the rest of your life with them after the ceremony. After all, a wedding is much more than just the day!

Embrace the imperfections

I think we can all agree that Hannah Montana said it best – nobody’s perfect. There will be flaws in your wedding day, and all you can do is embrace them, don’t deny them! This will be the only way you will be able to cope with if things go wrong (something might!). But don’t worry, you GOT this! We so believe in you!

Stay positive!

As hard as it may seem in today’s circumstances, it is possible to see the bright side of things! Things will work out in the end! You will have the day of your dreams! It will not be like this forever. Again, you got this and we believe in you! You are killing this wedding planning and COVID-19 is no match for you!

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