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Elopement, Minimony or Micro Wedding | Wedding Size Terms Explained

In the last year alone, wedding size terms have changed more than almost anything else in the industry. We’ve talked about the return of elopements, the birth of micro weddings, and have minimonies always been a thing? Either way, what does it all mean? Size certainly matters, and these categories are much more than just cute wedding buzzwords. So is the difference, and what are the total guest counts associated with each small, medium, and large weddings? Understanding all of this is key in planning a successful soiree, so we broke it down piece by piece. Local wedding pros, upcoming brides and nuptial enthusiasts alike take a deep breath – all the newest wedding size terms explained down below. Cheers!


elopement wedding size



An elopement typically involves a little travel, an epic location, and an intimate crowd. Most elopements consist of just the bride, groom, and their officiant while others involve a small wedding party with their day. They are shorter, love-focused celebrations where vendors are few but romance is plentiful. Think 25 guests at the very most.


micro wedding size


Micro Wedding

If elopements are considered more spur-of-the-moment, micro weddings are planned as full-on nuptials – just with up to 50 guests in tow! Most venues offer smaller packages for a lower guest count and with a closer crowd, you have the time and freedom to make memories with each of your guests individually.


minimony wedding size



If splitting things up is more your style, a minimony might be made for you! Minimonies are perfect for the couple looking to tie the knot with a small group of 50 or less (or in a moment of commitment among each other) now, before planning a larger reception or celebration with the rest of the guest list to come later on. You can make your love official yet still wait for COVID to stop looming on the horizon before planning the bigger party.


small wedding size


Small Wedding

We consider anything up to 100 guests to be a small wedding. You send invitations, guests RSVP, the whole shebang. Due to COVID-19, many have chosen to scale down their events or limit their guest counts, and for some this has meant smaller budgets as well! You can choose to make it as low- or high-key as you’d like, tailoring the experience to your guests as you see fit.


medium wedding size


Medium Wedding

If you were thinking of having a small wedding but your immediate family alone consists of 50+, fear not! Over 100 but less than 300 guests is considered to be a medium wedding or mid-size event. Numbers are relative, though, so if your family typically attends weddings with upwards of 300 guests, a 100-person event might feel small to you. Similarly, if you’ve only ever been to intimate ceremonies, a reception with 80 guests might feel huge, so it’s important to remember that these numbers will be a little bit different for everyone.


large wedding size


Large/Grand Wedding

Hosting over 300 guests definitely warrants a “grand” or large wedding, which we are obsessed with. It’s easy to wow guests when over-the-top is the goal! A larger guest count will definitely require a bigger budget, but it can be worth it to see sweet loved ones’ faces on your big day. The traditional marriage format is evolving right before our eyes and we can’t wait to see where it goes from here!