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Beauty | Health & Fitness

10 Tips for Summer Bridal Beauty & Fitness

by Lindsey Craig


Summer is officially upon us! With weddings, beach getaways, pool parties and more, it’s the perfect time to focus on health and wellness. We’ve got you covered with these awesome summer bridal beauty tips and inspiration from DFW’s leading fitness, wellness and nutritional experts Kara Stout, Honeymoon Body and Bells and Barbells! (Photo: Stephanie Brazzle Photography)

1. Download great jams! A fun playlist can give you major motivation to push extra hard during your workout. The team from Honeymoon Body together with the amazing DJ Jason Esquire created this rockin’ Spotify playlist you will love!


2. Get creative! Think outside the box when it comes to summer produce staples and use them in a creative way. We absolutely adore this super fun watermelon pizza from DFW certified nutrition and wellness coach, Kara Stout.


3. Invest in a kettle bell! Fitness guru Katherine Bahlburg of Bells and Barbells swears by these and so do we! A great starter weight is 20-25lbs. It can be used in a variety of ways and makes getting a quick workout in easy and fun! If you are feeling that your body needs a boost before a pool party or date night with your fiancé, try this quick routine: 4-6 rounds of : 2 Russian Kettle bells swings, 12 Single leg Romanian Deadlifts (12 each leg) and 12 Goblet Squats (holding Kettle bell right at chest.) You’ll not only be giving your booty a nice pump but you’ll elevate your heart rate and activate your core. You can literally do this routine just about any where in your home.


4. Be Bright & Beautiful! The team at Honeymoon Body knows that summer vibes are all about vibrant pinks, turquoise, corals and ocean water blues. Bright colors are energizing and wearing them during your workouts can give you that extra energy boost you need during your next sweat session to take it to the next level!


5. Stay on track! Make it easy (and stylish!) to keep up with your healthy goals all year long by using these adorable journals from May Designs to meal plan as well as track your food and workouts (Select “health + fitness” when choosing your inside pages).


6. Treat yourself! Put a healthy spin on icy treats by substituting ice cream for delicious smoothies. We love this key lime tropical smoothie recipe from Kara Stout.

7. Mix It Up! Our bodies can quickly adapt to a workout routine leading to plateaus, so mixing up workouts and engaging multiple muscle groups at once is one of the best ways to tone up, blast calories and burn fat! Summer is a great time to incorporate fun outdoor adventures like paddle boarding, sand volleyball or try Honeymoon Body’s Bridal Beach Babe Workout. (Photo: Charla Storey Photography)


8. Skip a wash! Overwashing hair can lead to dry brittle strands, but after working out and sweating in the summer sun, what’s a girl to do? Try this trick from Katherine of Bells and Barbells: Tie hair up in a bun at the top of your head and then use a loose elastic band to hold back the hair that frames your face keeping it from getting damp and losing it’s style or curl. When you’re done working out, pull down the bun, flip your head over, spray the dry shampoo at the roots and fluff with fingers. Flip your hair back over and brush it a little so that it is smooth and styled the way you like it – then you’re good to go! (Photo: Tracy Enoch Photography)


9. Drink up! Water not only helps keep your complexion clear but it also does wonders for a healthy and happy metabolism. Katherine from Bells and Barbells tells her clients to find a water bottle that’s easy to transport and keep it on them at all times. You can even spice up boring old water with this delicious water cocktail recipe from May Designs.


10. Soak it in! After days spent in the sunshine and outdoors, a long soak in the tub is just what we need to rejuvenate and soothe our skin. We are obsessed these DIY summer bath soaks from Kara Stout that help relax, de-stress, ease tension and sore muscles, soothe sunburns or bug bites, and moisturize summer skin.