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10 Tips for Summer Bridal Beauty & Fitness

Summer is just around the corner! With weddings, beach getaways, pool parties and more on the calendar, it’s the perfect time to focus on health and wellness. We’ve got you covered with these awesome summer bridal beauty tips and inspiration from DFW’s leading fitness, wellness and nutritional experts below!


10 Tips for Summer Bridal Beauty & Fitness


1. Download a High Energy Music Playlist!

A fun Spotify playlist can give you major motivation to push extra hard during your workout. Our team has collaborated with our fave fitness pros for some high energy work out playlists, plus a playlist for just about every other part of the wedding season. Check out our Wed Society Spotify channel here!




2. Invest in Quality Workout Equipment

If you’re looking to up your at-home workouts, we highly suggest investing in some quality workout equipment. We’re not talking about developing a full cross fit gym in your garage by any means, but adding lifting to your exercises can be super beneficial!


Your basics will get you far in your YouTube workouts. Make sure you have a yoga mat, hand weights, and leg bands on hand for those beginner level videos.


Looking to monitor your results? You might buy a digital scale for daily weigh-ins or upgrade your arm party to include an Apple Watch or FitBit.








3. Shop for Workout Clothes You Actually Like

I don’t know about you, but I’m far more productive during the day when I’m dressed in a way that makes me feel more confident. The same applies for workouts. If I’m excited to put on a new crop tank or sneakers, I’m far more likely to do so. Energize your activewear with bright colors and prints and trendy styles to get you hyped for your next sweat sesh!






4. Stay on Track with a Planner

Make it easy (and stylish!) to keep up with your health goals all year long by using an adorable fitness journal to meal plan plus track your food and workouts. For me, I’m far more likely to get my workout in if I’ve planned ahead and committed the time, making me one step closer to my summer bridal beauty goals!





Photo: BEYOND Pilates Frisco


5. Mix Up Your Workouts

Our bodies can quickly adapt to a workout routine leading to plateaus, so mixing up workouts and engaging multiple muscle groups at once is one of the best ways to tone up, blast calories and burn fat! A great way to ensure your workouts aren’t the same is by joining a workout class, like BEYOND Pilates Frisco. Every class has a new series of exercises, keeping your body learning new moves while toning up. Plus, classes like pilates, yoga or barre, are designed to work every muscle group so you’re never missing “leg day.”





6. Get Active (Beyond the Workout!)

Summer is a great time to incorporate fun outdoor adventures like paddle boarding or hiking into your weekly down-time. Instead of binging another season of Queer Eye from the couch, grab your girlfriends to join you for a walk downtown, spend the afternoon biking by one of the DFW lakes, or even tend to your garden for a quick calorie burn! The Vitamin-D will do you more good than expected, too. Here’s a list of our favorite “non-workout” activities:

  • Kayaking & Paddle Boarding
  • Hiking
  • Walks around the Neighborhood
  • Intramural League Sports
  • Gardening
  • Biking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Skiing & Snow Boarding
  • Swimming


7. Get Creative with Your Meal Prep

You do not have to stick to salads and smoothies all spring to achieve your diet goals. Think outside the box when it comes to summer produce staples and use them in a creative way. We love a watermelon fruit “pizza” or banana chocolate chip cookies.


Not feeling confident in the food department? Consider booking courses with a nutritionist who can create a meal plan specific to your goals. Our favorite pilates studio, BEYOND Pilates Frisco, even has a nutrition coach in house for easy access to fitness and nutrition support!


summer bridal beauty


8. Give Your Hair a Break – Skip a Wash

Over-washing hair can lead to dry brittle strands, but after working out and sweating in the summer sun, what’s a girl to do? Try this trick from: Tie hair up in a bun at the top of your head and then use a loose elastic band to hold back the hair that frames your face keeping it from getting damp and losing its style or curl. When you’re done working out, pull down the bun, flip your head over, spray the dry shampoo at the roots and fluff with fingers. Flip your hair back over and brush it a little so that it is smooth and styled the way you like it – then you’re good to go!



9. Drink Up!

Water not only helps keep your complexion clear but it also does wonders for a healthy and happy metabolism. We suggest finding a water bottle that’s easy to transport and keep it on you at all times. You can even spice up boring old water by infusing cucumber, fruit and herbs.





10 Tips for Summer Bridal Beauty & Fitness

Photo: Laning Photography


10. Treat Yourself!

After weigh-ins and skin treatments and calorie counting and more, it’s important to still celebrate those wins and give yourself time to relax and recover. A long soak in the tub may just be what you need. Schedule yourself some much needed time with your besties (poolside, is you can manage!) and bust out a new cocktail recipe you’ve been wanting to try. Whatever your preference, just make sure you’re making time for what brings you peace and joy.


Ready to kickstart your summer bridal beauty plan? Book your pre-wedding workouts with one of our favorite studios or coaches!

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