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Find the Perfect Wedding Workout to Reach Your Fitness Goals

There’s nothing like the pressure of an upcoming event to put our image at front of mind – especially one where you are front and center in front of all your friends and fam… Eee! While the high of being the main attraction on the wedding day can feel pretty darn good on the ego, we’re prone to getting a bit jittery when all eyes are on us. As if the mental stress of wedding planning wasn’t enough to get me in the gym for some serious self care, knowing that I’m working toward looking, and ultimately feeling, my best will! Not sure what workout is best for your fitness goals? Whether you’re looking for a quick tone-up, total transformation or a stress reliever, we’re sharing our guide to finding the perfect wedding workout for you – follow the flow chart below!


Find the Perfect Wedding Workout to Reach Your Fitness Goals



Yoga is a fantastic workout to not only help you tone up (seriously, it’s amazing!), but can truly alleviate additional stress. Staying sane during the wedding process is crucial, and we’re big fans of getting our “zen” time in to truly focus on our internal selves. Not as into pose-holding and spiritual connection? Opt for a fast paced yoga cardio class instead!



If you chat with just about any Brides of North Texas team member, they’ll rave about their love of barre class. This fun studio class is a pilates-ballet combo that focuses on small movements to tone, and the group setting gives the peer pressure we need to finish each rep.



Pilates is basically the GOAT of wedding workouts. You engage nearly every muscle in your body during a class, and flexibility is just as much a focus as strength, making for crazy well-rounded workouts. BEYOND Pilates Frisco has six different classes to choose from PLUS offers a 3-month “whip-up” or 9-month total body “transformation” specifically for brides.


Personal Training

Personal training may be for you if 1) you are looking to tone specific areas on your body, 2) you have no idea where to start, or 3) you like more one-on-one direction. Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness specifically works with bride and grooms who are sweating for the wedding, and are experts at creating a customized plan with your wedding day as the goal.



Free. Can be done anywhere. You can bring your dog. Need we say more?


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