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Get in Shape With These Pre-Wedding Workout Essentials

With your wedding day right around the corner, you may be wanting to up your fitness game. And we don’t blame you! Getting into a beauty and fitness routine is more than looking your best for your wedding day, but FEELING your best, too, which is why we’ve rounded up our very favorite pre-wedding workout essentials for you to nab. Pack your water bottle and athleisure tank and head to a class at one of our favorite local fitness studios or purchase your own gear for your “workOUT from home” space. How ever you choose to get up and moving, we’ve got some tips, tricks and products to get you to your goals – Read on!

pre-wedding workout essentials

1. Yoga Mat | 2. Dumbbell Rack | 3. Bride Workout Tank | 4. Bluetooth Earbuds | 5. Digital Scale6. Hydro Flask Water Bottle | 7. Apple Watch Series 5 | 8. Resistance Bands

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Yoga Mat

Pilates and yoga are great ways to refresh your mind and work your body. This yoga mat is perfect for getting that bridal body. This mat is designed with high cushioning and resilience as well as an amazing non-slip texture to keep your mat in place as your moving and grooving. Also, the built-in carrying strap is great for on-the-go brides who like to take their workout to a gym, a park, or even the beach. Get stretching ladies!

Dumbell Rack

To all our brides opting to work out at home rather than at the gym, hand weights are the first ticket item to include in your “home gym.” This dumbbell rack from IMFUN is perfect for organizing your weights and is compact enough to be tucked away in small spaces. The innovative tree design is sturdy enough to hold up to 30-pounds, and thanks to the vibrant color-ed design, it is also chic to decorate your space.

Bride Workout Tank

Who says you can’t look cute while working out? We say 100% you can! We found this adorable “Sweating for the Wedding” tank  that will keep you motivated and looking cute as you get ready for your big day! This cotton tank comes in nine colors ranging from hot pink to more neutral shades like black and grey. It’s lightweight, flowy and breathable allowing brides to conquer any workout routine in mind. Also, grab one for your fiancé because they offer this great find for men, too!

Bluetooth Earbuds

Music is essential for motivating your pre-wedding workouts and we have you covered. These bluetooth earbuds are just the thing a bride needs to listen to her bridal boot camp playlist. These earbuds offer high fidelity sound, a long battery life, ergonomic design to ensure a snug and comfortable fit, and water-resistant protection. Their compact design is great for throwing in your bag and keeping in your pocket during your workouts!

Digital Scale

Part of any fitness program involves monitoring your progress to gauge how you are meeting your goals. This digital scale guarantees accurate digital weight readings that are clear and not confusing. The long tempered glass design is great more keeping your space elevated and chic. Also, the scale’s lifetime lithium batteries are amazing because you won’t have to worry about changing batteries in the future.

Stylish Water Bottle

You can’t workout without having a water bottle to keep you hydrated along the way! Our go-to for style AND function is this sleek white Hydro Flask water bottle. This water bottle is the best because it keeps your water cold up to 24 hours and is BPA and phthalate-free. Its pure pour opening makes it easy to refill and refuel without the worry of spills. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colors that are perfect for any bridal style. Stay hydrated!

Apple Watch Series 5

Brides, if you are looking for a pre-wedding workout investment, this is the product for you! The Apple Watch Series 5 in gold with a pink sand sport band is swoon-worthy for any bride. This watch is great for tracking your workouts, monitoring your heart rate, and the GPS capability is great for you adventurous brides who like to take their training outdoors. If you like swimming, no problem since this watch is waterproof and swim-proof, too!

Resistance Bands

There are so many options when it comes to your pre-wedding workout plan, and resistance training is a great alternative to cardio. These resistance training bands are great for our “workOUT from home” brides. The built-in grippy fabric is engineered to stay in place while working your legs and booty. This set also comes with different bands for different resistance levels to meet you where you are at in your fitness journey. The light, medium and heavy bands provide all levels of intensity to help your build strength for the big day!

Now that you’ve got your fitness tools, book a class at our favorite barre studio, Pure Barre Coppell, or get one-on-one training with personal fitness coaches at Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness!

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