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Before I Do

Asantra + Steven

by Randi Foreman

Photos // Heather Thompson

Asantra + Steven

They surprised each other with the same party!

For Steven’s 30 birthday, I asked him to take off for the weekend because I had plans for him. That Friday night I took him to a Mavs vs. Lakers game to see LeBron James, his favorite player and team. It was amazing. That Saturday night, I planned a surprise birthday party for him. Saturday morning Steven woke up not feeling well (possibly because we got splashed with water from a by passing car walking to the game the night before). I pumped him full of fluids and meds that whole day, thinking you can not be sick on this day of all days! I asked him close to the time we needed to get ready if he felt better, and he stated that he did, so I told him we were going to dinner and to get dressed but that I had to blindfold him for the ride. When we got to our destination, he was surprised that it was actually a party for him! Halfway through the party his sister took me upstairs to talk, and when we went back down everyone was gone. We walked outside, and there was a whole set up with balloons and our friends, and there Steven proposed to me! It was so sweet and the surprise party turned out to be a surprise proposal and engagement party!