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Emily + Dustin

Photos // Opal and Onyx Photography

Emily + Dustin

“I found the perfect rock!”

It all started in junior high where we dated for a whopping two weeks! (as much as junior high dating can be) Throughout our schooling we would have classes together here and there, but the one constant that remained the same was marching band. Although life took us in different directions and our paths crossed less frequently than before, we would always have that one period (and a lot of after school rehearsal) together. As time went on, we grew closer and closer together, and then one day during our senior year of high school, what do you know? We are dating again! This time it was much more official than our two weeks in junior high as we can all tell. We joke together about all the time that we missed out on between those two weeks in junior high to our senior year of high school, but deep down we know that the time apart made us realize what we truly wanted in life, and life brought us back together again.

After I graduated college, Dustin and I planned a trip to Denver to celebrate. We decided to go hiking one day despite it being 50 degrees and raining! Dustin loves to collect rocks from all of the places he visits, so the entire time we were trying to find a rock for him to take home. Every rock I pointed out had some reason why he did not want to take that one home all the while we kept hiking up to a lookout point up top. Once we finally got to the top, Dustin announced, “I found the perfect rock!” As I turned around he got down on one knee. I screamed, “YES,” and we were engaged.