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Behind the Scenes of Bridal Market Week with Buyer Christina Plumlee

Bringing the latest trends in bridal fashion direct to Dallas brides, Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon buyer Christina Plumlee knows the truth about what goes on behind the glitz and glamour of Bridal Market Week. “I love searching for the next big thing. I am always meeting new designers and on the lookout for something that will appeal to our clients. I am a romantic at heart, so I love curating beautiful things for brides.” While Insta-worthy videos and photos fill our streams, behind the scenes buyers are hustling from show to show to find the season’s top looks to fill their boutiques. Check out some of Christina’s photos from Bridal Market Week and be sure to read our interview with her below!

Christina attended multiple events and visited with several designers this year, including (in order of images): The Elle Awards, designer Sarah Nouri, designer Jimmy Choo, designer Ines Di Santo, designer Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever, designer Elisabetter Polignano, Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon owner Mackenzie Brittingham.

What are you looking for at the runway shows?

Runway shows are the more glamorous and fun part of market. They are the first look at the designers new collection for the season. The designer’s inspiration and vision for the collection is revealed and the catwalk allows me to see how a gown moves when worn. I will begin the selection process at the show but never make decisions before I meet with the designer and inspect each gown.

What do meetings with designers generally entail?

Meetings allow me to “touch and feel” the gowns. I want to know how they are constructed, the weight of the garment, the detail of any embellishments. I am looking for quality and craftsmanship. Negotiations are done at this stage – how many gowns I will buy that season, any questions about design changes, trunk show plans for the next year and other business decisions. Meetings are essential and are the most time-consuming part of market.

When can brides expect to find the latest looks from the runway at Stanley Korshak?

Gowns from April market begin to arrive in store in September but many do not arrive until November. This is a common misconception, brides often believe they can order gowns that they just saw come down the runway. The truth is that these are prototypes and many runway gowns are never produced. Gowns that do make the cut have to go to production where the patterns are made and fabric is ordered to fill demand. The process takes time which is not something brides are accustomed to in today’s buy now, wear now world.

What are the most common misconceptions when it comes to being a buyer at fashion week?

Most people who are looking from the outside see market week as all fun runway shows and parties. There is that aspect to market, but it is a small part of what actually happens. The truth is that I will spend days with back-to-back meetings then go straight to evening events that last until late night. Once I make it back to the hotel, I will review the day’s meetings, make notes and prepare for the next day’s meetings. Yes, market is fun, but 1 week is more work than two normal weeks combined.

See all of Christina’s latest bridal fashion finds in person at Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon in Dallas. Reach out today to make an appointment!

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