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Cantina Caravan Guarantees a Wedding to Remember

The Cantina Caravan is here to redefine DFW weddings, offering mobile bartending services that are sure to impress your guests. With a unique passion for cocktail culture, this extraordinary team is ready to elevate your wedding reception to new heights. Read on to hear more from the Cantina Caravan team!

Imagine starting your cocktail hour in style, directing your guests to one of our beautifully appointed vintage trailers. Inside, you’ll find a team of seasoned bartenders, signature cocktails or mocktails, and a whole lot of unique fun.

the cantina caravan trailers

Photo // Courtesy of Cantina Caravan

Above and Beyond the Bar

“At Cantina Caravan, we’re not merely a mobile bar; we’re the hidden gem of your event. With our expertise in mixology and a genuine enthusiasm for creating unforgettable moments, we’ll craft cocktails and branded items that are as exceptional as your special occasion,” explains co-owner Andrea Day.

In addition to our mobile bar trailers, Cantina Caravan provides a comprehensive bar solution. This includes skilled, TABC certified bartenders, a fully stocked bar, and an array of beverage services, featuring signature cocktails and mocktails. However, the offerings extend beyond these essentials. Cantina Caravan offers a wide range of packages to complement your bar experience: from custom decor packages and personalized bar accessories (think can coolers!) to custom signage and even electronic invitations, we ensure that your big day is truly impressive.

Whether you lean towards modern minimalism, classic monochromatic, refined rustic, or whimsical boho, the Cantina Caravan team is dedicated to collaborating with you. We’ll craft a beverage menu and decor collection that harmonizes with your style and reflects the essence of your partnership, covering everything from drink choices to signage and setup.

Photo // Courtesy of Cantina Caravan

Meet The Fleet

Our trailers are more than just bars; they’re captivating conversation pieces, each with its own distinctive character!

  • Cecilia is fitted for the traditional, yet stylish, beverage overhaul. Renovated into a full bar, she can be used for small or larger events such as weddings, coffee bars, mother and daughter tea parties, baby showers, and much more.
  • Pearl is the life of the party, pure vintage flare with an audacious personality. She not only can be used for your next game day party or winery tasting, but also creates the perfect scene for your next family portraits or mini holiday session.
  • Jenny is the mobile bar in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who started it all! You can dress her up, or dress her down cause the timeless look will stick around. She’s small enough to cater your next backyard BBQ yet big enough to serve a crowd.
  • Dixie is the newest member to the Cantina Caravan fleet. She may be smaller, but she is mighty with her southern rustic charm and horse trailer attributes perfect for your next cocktail or happy hour event.
  • Boozie is our sidebar bike that will ride directly into the hearts of your guests welcoming them into your event, tasting, or toasting your celebration.

If you find yourself unsure about the best choice, our team is readily available to help you pick the perfect trailer, taking into account factors such as guest list size, style, venue, and more. Regardless of your selection, be confident that we will expertly manage every aspect of your beverage requirements, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Our team, known for their warm smiles, will be on hand to handle setup, extend a warm welcome to your guests, and craft exceptional cocktails throughout the evening. Furthermore, the majority of Cantina Caravan‘s mobile bar fleet can adapt to your venue’s size and restrictions, making it a versatile and stylish refreshment station suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.


the cantina caravan trailers

Photo // Courtesy of Cantina Caravan

Cantina Caravan‘s DFW mobile bar services offer an impressive experience for you and your guests, but don’t just take our word for it! Explore their collection of five-star Google reviews and hear from delighted clients who praise the attentive bar staff (“best bartenders ever!”), highlight their professionalism, and commend their exceptional service. Their commitment is to guarantee that you and your guests have an unforgettable and enjoyable time!

Ready to choose from Cantina Caravan’s delightful trailer bars and elevate your wedding experience? Kick off the celebration by visiting their profile on Wed Society North Texas. If you’re at the initial stages of planning your wedding, be sure to explore our selection of reputable DFW wedding vendors spanning various categories. Discover the perfect dream team to make your big day truly unforgettable!

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