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Love Brews Here: Olive Coffee Cart’s Coffee + Coffee Cocktails

In the world of wedding planning, couples are constantly seeking ways to incorporate unique and memorable elements into their special day. Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and every detail matters! One trend that has gained popularity is the inclusion of specialty coffee and coffee cocktails (because why just have coffee when you can also have an espresso martini). Olive Coffee Cart in Fort Worth, offers the perfect blend of caffeine infused with joy for all types of wedding events. Elevate your special day with a touch of sophistication and a hint of caffeine- by inviting Olive Coffee Cart to be a part of your wedding festivities. Keep reading to dive into all the details of Olive Coffee Cart and explore the amazing offerings that make it a standout choice for couples looking to enhance their wedding experience!


Olive Coffee Cart | Wed Society North Texas


Coffee and Cheers:

Coffee – The #1 Wedding Trend of Any Season

“The black press pot of coffee is no longer cutting it. Craft coffee has taken hold of everyone – from your grandma to your bridesmaids and everyone in between. Everyone will be thanking YOU by the end of the night for thinking of them and making sure that they were served a perfect cup of coffee.”

At the heart of Olive Coffee Cart’s appeal is its diverse menu, featuring both classic coffee options and innovative coffee cocktails. From the aromatic simplicity of a freshly brewed cup to the sophistication of espresso-based concoctions, Olive Coffee Cart caters to a wide range of preferences. For those looking to add a touch of glamour to their celebration, the coffee cocktails are a must-try.

“Our “with a twist” menu has 5 of the best coffee-based cocktails. Consisting of the following – Espresso Martinis, Irish Coffee, Hot Toddy, Irish Cream Latte, and an 18hr steeped Cold Brew White Russian. You’ll have the option to include 2 of the above or all if you’d like to give yourself + your guests more options to enjoy! This service is only in addition to our espresso bars!”

Picture your guests sipping on lattes, cappuccinos, or even indulging in specialty coffee cocktails that add an extra layer of excitement to your celebration. Plus, you and your guests will have the perfect beverage that will give you some extra energy for your reception dance party. As if we haven’t already convinced you enough as to why Olive Coffee Cart is the perfect addition to your big day, their services deliver a mobile coffee experience that’s the embodiment of a stylish and sophisticated experience on wheels.


Olive Coffee Cart | Wed Society North Texas


Locally Roasted Sips:

One of the standout features of Olive Coffee Cart is its commitment to quality. The use of locally roasted beans ensures that every cup is a testament to freshness and rich flavor.

Voltage Coffee Project

One of the local roasters that Olive Coffee Cart sources from is the Voltage Coffee Project. Featured at their local shops – Kimzeys in Argyle, West Oak in Denton, and Trinity St. in Decatur – Voltage mixes tradition with ritual. They source beans from the world’s best regions who push the industry in biodiversity, ethics, fermentation, and consistency. Voltages’ premium sourced beans are roasted by their in-house expert roasting team. Focused on solubility and sweetness, their complex layers make for an incredible cup. “More than being the best at what they do, they’re our friends and mentors and we love to work with them knowing we are receiving an exceptional product & supporting the farmers that produce it.”

Olive Coffee Cart | Wed Society North Texas


  1. Can Olive Coffee Cart accommodate outdoor weddings? Yes, Olive Coffee Cart is equipped to handle outdoor events, providing a mobile and versatile coffee experience.
  2. Are vegan and gluten-free options available? Absolutely! Olive Coffee Cart understands the importance of catering to diverse dietary needs, offering a range of options to accommodate guests with specific preferences.
  3. Can the menu be customized to fit our wedding theme? Indeed, Olive Coffee Cart is open to collaboration and customization. Whether you have a specific theme or color palette in mind, they can tailor their offerings to seamlessly integrate with your wedding aesthetic.
  4. What types of coffee cocktails do they offer? Olive Coffee Cart’s coffee cocktails are a unique highlight, featuring blends like Espresso Martini and Vanilla Cold Brew White Russian. The perfect way to add a dash of excitement to your celebration.

Olive Coffee Cart | Wed Society North Texas


Crafting Your Perfect Brew:

Olive Coffee Cart understands that every wedding is unique, and so is every couple’s vision. That’s why they offer customization options to align their offerings seamlessly with your wedding theme. Whether you’re dreaming of a rustic affair, a glamorous celebration, or something in between, Olive Coffee Cart can tailor their setup to match your aesthetic.


Olive Coffee Cart stands out as a charming addition to wedding events, offering not only a delightful array of beverages but also a commitment to local quality and customization. Elevate your wedding experience with the perfect blend of caffeine-infused joy, courtesy of Olive Coffee Cart. Cheers to a celebration filled with love, joy, and the aromatic allure of exceptional coffee!

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