Let’s review the different types of wedding bar services.


With a hosted bar, your guests don’t pay for drinks, while the couple pays on a per-person basis depending on the variety and quality of alcohol selections. Hosted bar packages can cover a full bar experience, just beer and wine, or something custom in between.


As the name suggests, a cash bar means guests pay cash for each drink they consume, while the couple chooses the alcoholic options available. Cash bars can be a more cost-effective and liability-conscious way to provide alcohol at your wedding and can also be customized to best fit your needs.


Similar to a hosted bar in that guests don’t pay anything for their beverages, a consumption bar allows complimentary drink offerings while the couple pays per drink consumed. With this bar package, clients can give guests a set amount of tickets for complimentary beverages, and then switch to a Cash Bar once tickets have been used.

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