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Honeymoon & Destination Weddings

Don’t Forget These Things When Planning Your Destination Wedding!

Planning a destination wedding can be sort of like planning one big bachelor or bachelorette party, ceremony, reception and honeymoon all rolled into one, so naturally, you might be wondering where to even start. We’d love to help as well as shine new light on what a destination wedding truly consists of, from concept to celebration time. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to fly across the globe to have a destination wedding! Traditionally, it’s just a ceremony that’s hosted outside of the couple’s hometown whether that be an hour or a day away. If the goal is for you to plan the destination wedding of your dreams, there are a few things you’ll need for the journey (both before and after you actually leave)! Keep reading to find out the hype behind destination weddings, and what you need to have the very best – down below.


Travel Agents to Guide the Way


We’d never chart foreign territory alone and with the help of Texas-based travel agents, like Globaluxe Travel, and Travel at Will,  you never have to again! A travel agent’s services are free to you, but can save you so much on amazing deals abroad, find the best modes of transportation, arrange excursions and so much more. These professionals plan trips to destinations that are personalized to each couple’s unique interests, desired travel style and budget so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


An Epic Destination Wedding Location


Finley Farms wedding venue Ozark MO


Finley Farms

Retreat to the Finley River for your next celebration. Finley Farms features a variety of vibrant event venues, farm-inspired restaurants, an urban farm and more. Both intimate and large-scale spaces allow for weddings and elopements, receptions, meetings, team building experiences and beyond. Finley Farms offers a variety of catering options, audio setups for bands and DJs, and a trusted list of preferred vendors to make your event effortless.

Photo: Finley Farms 



Aspen Ranch Edmond OK


Aspen Ranch

Aspen Ranch is situated on 160 acres of pristine land including spacious lawns, beautiful ponds, and surrounding fields. Located only 30 minutes north of downtown Oklahoma City, the picturesque landscape will transport you out of the city into a peaceful, serene environment. Aspen Ranch serves as a home to many rescue animals including horses, pigs, and donkeys — and our beautiful animals can be a unique addition to any event!

Photo: Amanda Watson Photography


A Trusty Destination Wedding Planner


Rounding up wedding vendors that live in the same vicinity as you is already no joke. Navigating a whole new market alone with no connections or recommendations? Now that is scary stuff! Don’t make the mistake of planning your destination wedding without the help of a destination wedding planner. We know a few incredible ones and most will love the opportunity to travel for your big day. Connect with any of our trusted local wedding planners here.

Photo: BeatBox Portraits


Some Extra Tips + Tricks from the Pros


We know a thing or two about honeymoons and destination weddings because we’ve seen a few (thousand). Constant research and chat with travel experts help us keep our resources up to date so we can offer our brides the very best and latest information on all things offshore and abroad. Click here for all the inside scoop from our team!

Read all our tips for honeymoon and destination wedding travel here, including our honeymoon packing list and travel post Covid advice.

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