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Traveling Post COVID | Your Honeymoon Travel Guidelines Answered

We can’t help but get a little excited as travel guidelines and restrictions ease and COVID-19 becomes less of a threat, since honeymoons, mini-moons, destination weddings, and more are just waiting to happen! Though we’re not completely out of the woods yet, there are still safe ways to travel and some things you need to know post-pandemic that we sourced straight from an expert. We asked Casey Selter with Travel by Casey about her honeymoon travel tips in the Q&A below where she dishes all the jet-setting details you need to know for traveling post-COVID. Read on!


traveling post COVID

I just got engaged! When should I book my honeymoon? 

It is never too early to start planning your honeymoon! Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations, like overwater bungalows in Jamaica, Maldives and Bora Bora, are filling up fast. 


What does travel look like currently? Are planes still the best option for further destinations?

Traveling is back in full force, and many airlines are offering amazing deals, making them a great option for a further honeymoon or mini-moon travel. Whether you’re vaccinated or not, I make sure you are totally prepared for your flight requirements so you have no stress. Let’s get you on that plane – as safely as possible!


What abroad honeymoon destinations are open or opening for next year?

As of now, the vast majority of popular international honeymoon destinations are back open! More and more are changing their status each day, so reach out via my vendor profile here to inquire about your destination today.


What are some destinations where we can avoid large crowds and spend more time enjoying the newlywed life?

There are all-inclusive resorts to be found in nearly every locale, which can offer so much romance. As far as specific destinations, I’d say Costa Rica or the Maldives. Fiji opens back up in December to travelers which would be a beautiful option with no large crowds.


Should we get travel insurance?

Absolutely! I don’t book clients without insurance. Insurance is cheaper than most might realize, and it gives you a secure, stress-free feeling. I would highly recommend it.


What is a mini-moon and should I take one?

A mini-moon is a shorter (typically 2-3 night) honeymoon that a couple takes closer to home in lieu of, or as a precursor to, a traditional honeymoon. Mini-moons are great, and I’d totally recommend one especially if you don’t have the budget for your dream honeymoon quite yet, or your dream honeymoon location has COVID restrictions that you feel might dampen the overall experience. 


What are the best mini-moon spots in the U.S.?

Destinations such as Tennessee, Florida, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and The Virgin Islands are all popular domestic mini-moon spots among newlyweds.

Ready to book your honeymoon! Connect with Travel by Casey via her vendor profile here! Happy vacationing!

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