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Your Guests Will Be Talking About These Unique Reception Entertainers

You know your guests had a great time at your wedding when they can’t quit talking about it! One way to get them talking? Seek unique entertainment options for your reception – vendors who can provide an unforgettable experience with out-of-the-box service. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite DFW reception entertainment vendors for you to check out. From fireworks to photo booths, you’ll be amazed at the ways these entertainers bring the FUN to North Texas weddings!

unique reception entertainers


Who says New Years Eve and July 4th are the only days deserving of fireworks? Light up the sky and celebrate your love with a bang! PrestoTechnics are the experts in all things light and fire, providing sparkler fountains, full-scale fireworks displays and more ways to wow your guests.

Photo: Sara Donaldson

unique reception entertainers

Julia McNally

Julia provides a one-of-a-kind service to North Texas couples and one by which your guests will truly be amazed. Her specialty? Painting a scene from your wedding, in real time, as guests look on! Your friends and family get the thrill of watching a truly talented artist at work, and you get an incredible, personalized keepsake that will become an heirloom for generations.

Photo: Charla Storey

unique reception entertainers

Royal Dukes Band

Have you ever been to a wedding where the dance floor was practically empty? It can definitely be awkward and it’s exactly what Royal Dukes Band wants to avoid. That’s why they specialize in high-energy entertainment, with the perfect song choices and awe-inspiring musical talents guaranteed to get your guests up and moving, having a great time and not wanting to leave!

unique reception entertainers

DJ Jason Esquire

As individuals and as a couple, you have your own unique musical tastes. Jason Esquire strives to honor those tastes in music and can help build the soundtrack to your wedding in a way that’s memorable, personalized and oh yes: FUN! He spins tunes in a different style and strives to interact with your guests in whatever way they’ll most enjoy themselves, and that’s priceless!

Photo: Letter A Photography

unique reception entertainers

LeForce Entertainment

When planning your reception, it’s imperative to not only think about music and dancing, but about lighting, draping, sound and more. Creating an unforgettable reception is more involved than you may realize, but fear not! LeForce Entertainment can be your one-stop shop for all things reception, and their unique approach ensures the utmost in professionalism so your entire experience is fun and stress-free. From the entrance to the grand exit, LeForce can transform your night.

Photo: Shaun Menary Photography


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