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photo | Stephanie Brazzle Photography


Our proposal story has two parts to it….

Part 1:

The first part started in Santorini, Greece. On our very last day on our trip around Greece, Dan and I were sitting at the Black Sand Beach in Santorini. We were talking about our future, marriage and spilling out our emotions to each other. And then while we were sitting there, Dan bursts out and says “We should buy a ring”. To my complete excitement and shock I replied, “Wait… now? Here in Santorini?” And before I knew it we were throwing on our clothes and speeding into Fira to go to the market center where all the jewelry stores were in Santorini. Side note, we had to be at our Airbnb in 1.5 hours to make our flight back to the United States.

So here we are speeding through Santorini along the coastline running into the market, hand and hand looking for an engagement ring. After several stores that didn’t quite make the cut, we stopped at one store, Hermes Jewelry, after I noticed a particular ring in the window. I didn’t mention the ring right away but went in to see what they had to offer. The owner of the store was one of the most friendly people we had ever met. He was so excited to celebrate this moment with us and even brought out wine his family had made at their family vineyard. After looking at several rings, he said, “Wait, I have one more to show you that I think you will love”. And, you guessed it he pulled out the ring I originally saw in the window. When I put it on it was like it was made for me, it didn’t even need to be resized. Dan and I cried tears of joy and before we knew it we were running through the market again back to our four wheeler with the engagement ring as the sun was setting. We nearly missed our cab to get to the airport and were literally begging our cab driver to not leave without us yelling “Don’t leave we just bought an engagement ring!!”.

Part 2:

So Dan is super traditional and wanted to make sure he had a chance to ask for my hand in marriage from my dad in person before he officially proposed. So, after him and my dad talked Dan started scheming up the perfect proposal plan. Dan tricked me into thinking that he had a work happy hour in Deep Ellum at Braindead Brewing. I go to a lot of these happy hours with him since we work in the same industry so it wasn’t unusual for him to ask me to come. After showing up I was quickly confused because no one else was there. Dan played it off pretty good explaining the reasons why people had to cancel. So he suggested we find something fun to do since we were already downtown. I immediately blurted out “LET”S GO TO THE STATE FAIR!”. It’s hand’s down my favorite place to go in Texas and since it was right down the street it sounded like a perfect idea to me…. so did it to Dan as that was his plan all along.

We spent the evening riding carnival rides, eating corn dogs and laughing at all the ridiculous carnival games. As the sun was going down Dan suggested we go on the ferris wheel (my favorite part of the whole fair). As we were going to the top I was in awe, like always, of the beautiful view of the city and all the carnival lights surrounding us.

And that’s when it happened.. Dan got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.