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photo | Emily Nicole Photo


What I thought was a normal Saturday-night dinner date with Matt turned into the very best Saturday night ever! When Matt was picking me up at my apartment, I met him downstairs like I normally do in the parking garage. As I walked up to the car this particular night, Matt was standing by the passenger door holding a beautiful wooden box (and grinning ear to ear might I add!). As I got closer, I realized the box had our initials/nicknames engraved on the front, ”MT + KT”, (common names our friends call us). I think at that point I was also grinning ear to ear but completely speechless. He opened my door for me and handed me the box as I got in my seat. I think I just started giggling and looking around. When he got in his side, he told me he was going to drive me around a little bit, and I got to pick different things out of the box as he told me to. We started driving (at this point I realized a Go-Pro was attached to the dashboard and my giggling just never stopped). He told me to pull out envelope #1 (out of 6) and read it aloud. With the letter had our pair of fair tickets reminiscing our first real “hang-out” with friends at the fair a couple of years ago. He kept the tickets all this time!! Sweet boy!! So the drive continued through different parts of Dallas as I read each letter aloud, each one containing a sweet little object or keepsake from our dating time (including the first collar of our golden retriever we got together). All the while he’s subtly playing Adele in the background of the car ride while I read everything (my favorite singer and person in the whole world, it’s a crazy obsession). Eventually, we end up in downtown Dallas at this dog park we had gone to before. He said it was his turn to read the last letter. Who knows what he actually said because we were both crying and laughing through his sweet words, it’s all a blur. But he told me after his letter that we had to get out for the last surprise. Soon enough we’re walking up to a cute spot in the park with candles and a lit-up K and M designating our special spot. He got down on a knee so fast and asked me to marry him, I don’t even know if I let him finish! I felt so happy and all of the other (good) emotions. Right away, my parents and his parents and our precious golden retriever came around the corner, everyone was crying and celebrating. Snyder our dog had the whole “she said yes” sign on her neck, that was slightly falling off, it was just the best. We met the rest of our immediate families at dinner and then all of our friends at my parents’ house after that. It was easily the best Saturday-night-date-night ever!! The best part is we have it all recorded from the Go-Pro on a very personal, low-key level just for us two which is just what we wanted for that night.