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European Honeymoon Q&A with Change Your Latitude Travel

Summer is officially here which means we’ve got the urge to pack our bags and head to a fabulous destination! We sat down with expert Erin Peters, a luxury romance travel planner with Change Your Latitude Travel, and asked her everything we were dying to know about going on a fabulous European honeymoon. Check out her tips below:

Why is Europe a great destination for newlyweds?
Europe is great for newlyweds because there is so much to see and do – there is something for everyone. There is so much history to see but also special interests like beer in Germany, theater in England, hiking in Croatia. Plus there are beaches, shopping and luxury hotels.

Which countries are an absolute must visit on a European honeymoon?
This is a very hard question and another reason to use a travel agent when booking your honeymoon. I talk to my clients and help them determine what they are interested in seeing, what’s on their bucket list and what is feasible in the amount of time they have available to best determine where they should go.

What are some of the biggest advantages to hiring a travel agent to plan a European honeymoon? 
Booking travel to any foreign country can be daunting on your own. Are you flying into the right airport? How will you get from the airport to the hotel? Is your hotel in the best location? Add to that booking a multi-city itinerary in Europe, and it can overwhelming. Booking your honeymoon with a travel agent takes away all the stress and hours of searching online for the perfect trip. As a travel agent, I will set up every component of your trip – flights, transfers, trains, cruises and excursions – with built in free time to really explore, of course. If something happens, as it often does in Europe (some group is always on strike), as your travel agent I will help you find another train/flight or way of getting where you need to be.

What’s trendy in Europe right now?
River cruising is the biggest trend in Europe right now. Many cruise lines are coming out with features and new ships that are geared toward Millennials. The most unique aspect of river cruising is that the smaller ships can get you to ports that bigger ocean cruise liners can’t get you anywhere near. River cruises take you into the heart of the countries right into the villages, plus you can see so much scenery while you moving from village to village. River cruises are often all-inclusive, including alcohol and even excursions. Often local chefs, sommeliers, musicians and academics are brought on the ship to really help you learn more about the region. River cruising is an excellent way to see multiple countries and only unpack once.

What’s your personal favorite place to visit when you’re in Europe?
Italy. I’ve been three times and fall more in love each time. I specifically love Venice, the floating city. Built on 118 islands and connected by canals and bridges. It’s unlike anything else you will ever see. It’s truly a step back into history. I recommend going during the winter when it’s not as crowded and staying in a hotel in a residential area. Buy a multi-trip Vaporetto (water bus) pass and really explore this unique city. Florence comes in a close second, and of course, Rome is a must see.

What’s the ideal length of time for a European honeymoon?
At the very minimum one week, ideally 10 days. 10 days gives you time to see the tourist attractions and explore on your own so you can really see how the locals live. If you want to visit multiple countries, give yourself more time. You don’t want to be rushed in each destination.

What are some must-pack items and what can couples probably leave at home?
Let’s start with what not to pack – your selfie stick. Definitely pack your camera, but don’t spend your entire trip behind the viewfinder. Don’t get caught up in taking the best picture to post on Instagram and not take the time to really see the sites. Enjoy being somewhere you may never be again. Enjoy being with each other in a magical city celebrating your new marriage.